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Provision Supply

Foods Provision Delivery

MARKO Ltd will deliver both fresh and preserved foodstuffs aboard a vessel in any port of Ukraine. The provision supplies will be delivered aboard within the terms as agreed by our own heatproof transport means. As per the Purchase Order, the foodstuffs will be sorted out and well packed according to the EU standards. The products are purchased ONLY from the certified and well verified suppliers. And these foodstuffs will be delivered along with the Certificates of Origin!

When you consider the purchase of foodstuffs in Ukrainian ports, MARKO Ltd is your best choice! Just look at this:

1. All the ship’s supply and service procedures are provided in full compliance with the international quality standard – ISSA Quality!
2. The Quality Management System of MARKO Ltd is certified according to the ISO 9001-2008.
3. The structure of provision supplies is proud of its very long and successful record of functioning within the Fleet Complex Servicing Department of MARKO Ltd.

High-grade foodstuffs are very important in respect of securing the health and vitality of both the crew and passengers of a vessel. MARKO Ltd is always focused on optimization of all business processes having impact on the terms and quality of a delivery.

The provision supply services are constantly rendered in all the ports of Ukraine, namely Odessa, Yuzhny, Ilyichevsk/Illichivsk, Kherson, Nikolaev/Mykolayiv, and so on.

The provision supply procedure for a passenger vessel in the port of Odessa

Food Groups

Fresh Meat,
Seafood Grocery

Canned and Frozen Foods Vegetables Fruit

Water, Juice
Condiments, Sauces
Dried Fruits,



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