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Fire Protection

Our company is one of the few in Ukraine, which suggests offers full range of fire protection solutions 
- All types of firefighting equipment service. 
- Extinguishers and chargers supply. 
- Firefighting vehicle and boats equipment supply.
- Mobile fire extinguishing service station. 
- Supply of certified universal synthetic film-forming foam concentrates (including spirit-resistant foam concentrates) for firefighting purposes class A and B.  
- Supply of world leading Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 
- Equipment for respiratory protection, head, body and face protection, eye and hearing protection for fire fighting and rescue operation. 
- Professional gas measuring equipment for leak detection and equipment for testing PPE.

The network of regional business units provides unique mobile service maintenance of the primary means of fire, directly at the enterprises of the customer.

This section provides a description of products and services of specialized and general-purpose fire-fighting, which would be guaranteed, on time-delivered to the address of your company.

Please with any questions contact the nearest to you regional division of our company

Fire protection department:
+ 38 (048) 733-55-44;
+ 38 (048) 705-19-71; 
+ 38 (067) 485-16-65; 


Fleet Service Dept
+380 (48) 705-19-71