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Carbon Dioxide Fire Fighting System

Our experts perform installation and maintenance of carbon dioxide fire extinguishing systems, foam extinguishing systems and other fire fighting systems on board of the ship, according to the project meeting the requirements of the classification society, the Administration of the Flag,  IMO Resolutions.

CO2 fixed fire extinguishing systems correspond to Ch. 3.8; 4.3 ch.VI "Rules for the Classification and Construction of ships", Ch. 5 " of the RMRS Class Rules, Fire Safety Systems Code,  IMO Resolutions MSC.98 (73).", MSC.206 (81), MSC.Circ.1/1318.

Principle of extinguishing: Carbon dioxide extinguishes fires by reducing the oxygen content in the surrounding area below what is needed to sustain combustion. Carbon dioxide system is environmentally friendly, but is harmful to humans. Safety Instructions requires compliance with the most stringent security measures for the crew.

The main components of the system and their technical characteristics:

1. Stations of remote pneumatic starter include vessels of 2.68 liters in volume, starting valves, conduit with a time delay device. Nominal vessel pressure  - 5.85 MPa.

2. CO2 vessel bundle, comprising vessels of 67,5 liter in volume in assembly and the frame for installing and fixing them. Nominal vessel pressure - 5.85 MPa. Maximum operating pressure  - 12.5 MPa. The degree of filling of CO2 - 0.67 kg / l.

3. Vessel valves with manual and pneumatic drive with safety membranes.

4. High pressure flexible exhaust hoses from the vessel valves to the manifolds.

5. Manifolds equipped with manometer and a safety valve. Set pressure - 17.0 MPa.

6. Main starting-off valves to the protected area with a pneumatic drive and manual opening.

7. Automatic alarm system for start-up of CO2 with sound and light signaling devices.

8. Exhaust nozzles with an axial or radial outlet. The minimum pressure at the nozzle - 1.0 MPa.

9. Smoke-alarm system approved by the IACS Member Class.

10. Distribution pipes and fittings.

Inspection and maintenance of a fixed station of carbon dioxide (CO2) is produced with the use of fire-fighting equipment of professional experienced staff. The original certificate of inspection is issued upon completion.


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