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Cargo Slings

Cargo fibre sling
The cargo fibre sling corresponds to the DSTU standard B V.2.8-10-98 "Slings cargo. Classification, parameters and dimensions, performance requirements ".
On the slings, there are tags specifying load capacity, manufacturer and date of manufacture.
Order information:
The cargo fibre sling is made of Manila or polypropylene rope, including options specified in the application.
Cargo wire sling
The cargo wire sling is used for towing, transporting particularly heavy and bulky loads.
The cargo wire sling is flexible and reliable. Operating temperature ranges from -45 to + 40 ° C.
However, the wire sling is heavy and is not recommended for use in chemically active environments and in working with fragile loads.
Order information:
- Sling USK1 (Universal, Slings Rope loop type 1);
- Wire rope sling four branches 4SK (spider);
- Wire rope sling two branches 2SK;
- Wire rope sling one branch 1SK; 
- Wire rope sling ring, SSK (USK 2).
Chain sling
Chains can be used for any type of slinging. Chain slings are safer, more flexible, have a longer lifespan, are repairable and maintain pressure loads with sharp pieces.
They work at very high and very low temperature and are fire- and acid-resistant.
Order information:
- Universal Sling USC1;
- Chain sling one branch 1SC; 
- Chain sling two branches 2SC;
- Chain sling three branches 3SC;
- Chain sling four branches 4SC;
- Closed chain sling one branch SC1bc;
- Closed chain sling two branches SC2bc.
Textile sling
The textile sling provides a soft and gentle rise for any goods, including fragile and easily damaged ones.
The textile sling is considerably lighter than cargo wire slings of equal capacity. They are resistant to chemicals and UV rays.
Textile slings provide a high degree of safety, facilitate work, saving time and resources on loading operations. Textile slings have two belt layer and vary in color depending on the allowable loads, occupy less space.
Order information:
-Textile tape sling;
-Textile loop sling;
-Textile ring sling;
-Textile round-strand sling;
-Textile loop sling;
-Textile sling one branch 1ST; 
-Textile sling two branches 2ST;
-Textile sling three branches 3ST;
-Textile sling four branches 4ST.


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