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Emergency Screw Clamp

We manufacture emergency screw clamps of Type I for frame spacing up to 600 mm. The emergency screw clamp has a large reserve of strength and is manufactured in accordance with the Rules for the Classification and Construction of Sea-going Ships RMRS part. III “Emergency Supply” / 1, Sec. 9, p. 2.

Lenght, (mm): 720 (±10)
Lenght of clamping screw, (mm): 360 (±10)
Max grabs opening,(mm): 48
Width of clamp, (mm): 100 (±10)
Mass, (kg): 17 (±0,1)

The emergency screw clamp is used on vessels of sea and river fleet for fastening of emergency collision mat or wooden shield to holes near frame.

The beam of emergency screw clamp is made of two reinforced channel bars connected with slats. The beam is equipped with two removable grabs to capture asymmetrical bulb flat frame. The grabs are made with setscrews. Also the beam is equipped with a nut slider with a clamping screw. The grabs are made hook-shaped, welded, connected by an axis in the middle portion.


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