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Dyeing-Drying Cabinet

The dyeing-drying cabinet is a copyrighted product of the company and meets the requirements of DSTU 4297-2004, Appendix A, p.A.2, p / n 4.5.
Dyeing-drying cabinets are used for dyeing and drying of different types of pressure vessels with capacity from 1 to 12 liters.
Ordering Information:
- 5-1-12 MK (for simultaneous dyeing of 5 pressure vessels);
- 3-1-12 MK (for simultaneous dyeing of 3 pressure vessels).

The working chamber is equipped with a rotating platform for simultaneous dyeing of 3 or 5 vessels.
Drying of pressure vessels is carried out by an integrated fan heater. The temperature of the air flow supplied to the drying and dyeing chamber is adjustable from 0 to 90 ° C, provided with a lock from possible overheating (100 ° C).
The equipment comes with a quality certificate of the manufacturer, passport and manual for use.


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