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Embarkation Ladder

The embarkation ladder is manufactured in accordance to the requirements of ISO 5489: 2008 "Ships and marine technology. Embarkation ladders."

The embarkation ladder of our manufacturing withstands ten times the test load.
Embarkation ladders are used for boarding lifeboats on ships in accordance with Chapter III of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS 1974) and fully comply with Regulation SOLAS 74 MK V / 17 of the LSA Code as amended and RMRS Rules (Appendix 5).

The ladder comes with a type RMRS certificate of approval and the original certificate of the Manufacturer.

- Grooved steps are made of solid hardwood (oak, ash-tree, beech).
- Special coating protects the structure of steps and prolongs its life.
- The ends of the steps are further treated with wax.
- Polyethylene liners fix the steps on the string in a strictly horizontal position.
- Aluminum clamps securely hold the step on the string on both sides.
- The ladder bowstring is made of solid three strand Grade 1 manila rope.


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