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Emergency Outfit

Emergency outfit:

-Cement (quick setting), supplied in 25 kg tightly packed plastic buckets. Quick setting cement differs from the usual physical-chemical composition, has excellent corrosion resistance to sea water, etc;

-Sand, natural, dried and sifted, supplied in packing;

-Accelerator for concrete setting reduces the amount of water barrier by about 10%. It allows you to conduct construction works at temperatures up to - 8 ° C;

-Minium with linseed oil is used for anti-corrosion treatment of metal surfaces, as well as for sealing cracks in wooden decks;

-Technical fat is used for impregnation and anti-corrosion treatment of different metal surfaces in high humidity conditions.

Emergency and expendable materials:
-Unbleached canvas;
-Rag, kg;
-Coarse felt;
-Tarred tow;
-Unkempt tow;
-Nails, bracket, wire;
-Rubber plate;
-Teflon tape.



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