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Emergency Timber

Pine bar is used as stops to reinforce bulkheads, decks, platforms, doors, hatches for fixing wooden collision mat. 
100х100х2000 mm;
100х100х4000 mm;
150х150х4000 mm.
Pine plank is used for manufacture of shields and collision mats.
50х150х4000 mm;
50х200х2000 mm;
50х200х4000 mm.
Pine wedge is used for wedging wooden abutment reinforcement of the bulkhead mounts shields to seal cracks and joints; pine stopper is used for closing up damaged illuminator and fine holes.
Pine wedge:
30х200х200 mm;
60х200х400 mm;
Pine stopper:
100х30х10 mm;
150х30х10 mm;
150х50х20 mm;
230х200х190 mm;
270х70х30 mm;
280х380х400 mm.


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