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Foam Pourer Extension

Foam pourer extension with hook horn

We produce the foam pourer extension with hook horn and flange connection. 
The foam pourer extension designed to extinguish the fire of fuels and lubricants in the cargo tanks of oil tankers and chemical tankers.

The foam pourer extension corresponds to the requirements of p.5.1.7. Fire Protection Part VI of the Rules RMRS.
Type of connection fittings for foam pourer on request ("Storz DN-65", "Bogdanov DN-65", "Rotta DN-65").

Technical characteristics:
Consumption 4-6% foaming agent in l / s: 4.8 - 6;
Multiplicity foam outlet foam pourer at least 7;
Operating pressure of water before foam pourer extension, kg / cm² within: 4-6;
The length of the foam jet in m:> 15;
Trunk SVP-4 DSTU 2707-92: Jet.


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