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Gangway Ladder

Manufactured according to industry standard OST 5.2077-73 and ISO 7061:1993, Shipbuilding. Aluminium shore gangways for seagoing vessels.

Flooring is executed from aluminum alloy and having special anti-skid coating corrugation, transversal balusters are executed from high-quality oak; the rail of ladder is made from kapron rope.

Gangwey / Трапы, трап-сходни судовые, алюминиевые трапы

In construction of companion ladders including a special set of adjustments, which allow providing installation on board with less laboriousness - by hand or through the hoisting machine.

Our specialists of production department are focusing the special attention to quality of materials and assembling the companion ladders.

The department of technical control is verifying each product according to main parameters (resource of safety, weight, quality of execution, sizes).
Each product, which passed such control, is attending with Certificate of quality and individual passport of technical characteristics. 

Standard Sizes 
Type I (mm) Type II (mm)
2000 х 600 6000 х 800
3000 х 600 8000 х 800
4000 х 600 10000 х 800
5000 х 600
6000 х 600

Marine aluminum ladder

Gangwey, aluminium ladders / Трапы судовые


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