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Hydraulic Stand of Testing Pressure Vessels

Vessels hydraulic pressure testing device model 2-80 is manufactured in accordance to the DSTU 4297-2004, Appendix A, p.A.2, p / p 7.
The testing device is designed for hydraulic testing of cylinders with a capacity of 2 to 80 liters during the periodic inspection. The testing device is versatile hydraulic test equipment. The stand can be used to test different purposes vessels working under pressure up to 400 kg / cm.

Pump pressure (max.) kg / cm: 400
The pump (type): manual
Manometer, P (kgf / cm): 600
Dimensions (mm): 1300x900x600

The hydraulic testing device is a construction with a movable platform for the installation of pressure vessels with a capacity from 2 to 80 l and a bed, on which is installed a high-pressure pump and a vessel of water of 10-12 liters capacity to use for the cylinders filling during the testing.


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