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Pilot Ladder

We produce pilot and embarkation ladders under completely new technology of fastening, which was developed by our specialists. As a result ladders can take a tenfold load, provide more safety, has high endurance and increased life time of the equipment.

Pilot ladders are produced in compliance with the requirements of Resolution A.899 (221), Rules of International SOLAS Convention 74 V/17, L.S.A. Code (with amendments), and RMRS Rules (Annex 5).
The pilot ladders are supplied together with the RMRS Certificate, original Certificate of Manufacturer and the Passport. The ladders are labeled with a steel label indicating individual technical data. MARKO Ltd pilot ladders get high appreciation from specialists around the globe.


Endurable and tight structure
- Its structure sustains 10-fold + loads while tests.
- The polyethylene insets installed on top and beneath fix the ladder rungs on the string strictly in horizontal position.
Aluminum clips fix the rungs firmly on the string from both sides.

Produced of high quality Materials
- The Rungs are made of the hard-wood bolt timber: Oak, Ash, Beech.
- The String of the Pilot and Embarkation Ladder is made of solid tri-thread yarn Manila Rope.
- Steel eyerings used to fix the Embarkation and Pilot Ladders to the Ship.

High Durability and Long useful Life
- Special coating (based on epoxy resins) protects the rung structure form environmental effects.
- Edges of the rungs are additionally treated with wax.
- All elements of the structure have reinforced durability and resistance to environmental effects.

Esthetic look and original labeling by the manufacturer
- Texture of quality materials, thorough and reliable assembly of the structure inspires confidence from the first look.
- Each pilot ladder is labeled with an original manufacturer’s steel label with indication of individual technical data.

Information for the Order
Pilot Ladder   
ISSA Code # 43.068.00
IMPA Code # 23. 20. 00   

MARKO Ltd produces the pilot and embarkation ladders from 3 to 28 meters and more. Based on Customer’s order, additionally there can be provided knotted life lines, under-ladder nets, aluminum stairs.


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