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Portable Diesel Fire Motor-pump

The portable diesel fire motor-pump is used for supply pressurized water by fire hoses from water sources to fire. The source of water can be a natural or artificial pond.

The portable diesel fire motor-pump is also equipped for fire safety on ships of sea and river fleet, in accordance with the requirements of the RMRS Rules.

On request, the portable diesel fire motor-pump can be equipped with dosing system for foam former. Motor-pump comes with manual start and electric start.

Technical data: 
Type: MP-3500 D;
Capacity, not less than: 35  /hr;
Pressure head, not less than: 55 m;
Maximum suction head, not less than: 6 m;
Operating time without refueling, not less than: 2,5 hr;
Diesel model: YM186F;
Fuel: diesel oil;
Overall dimensions, not more than: 525 x 650 x 720 mm;
Gross weight, not more than: 90 kg.
Set includes: 
Box for fire hoses:  2 pcs;
Fire hoses, 20 m, DU 65:  2 pcs;
Nozzles, RKSM-70:  2 pcs;
Delivery-suction fire hose , DU 100:  8m;
Receiving head with a non return valve: DU 100, stainless steel.
Type of connection fittings on request.


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