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Foam concentrate SINTO S6

SINTO S6 is the best foaming agent for fire extinguishing.

The certificate of conformity UkrSEPRO UA 1.016.0206768-13. SINTO S6 is produced according to TU U 30284125-001-2000. This foam agent keeps affected commodities from destruction by water. Classification by extinguishing ability and degree of reignition (III, C).

SINTO S6 is used for extinguishing fires of class A and B (B1) with fresh and sea water. It is used in standard equipment and allows to obtain a foam of low, medium and high expansion.SINTO S6 is very economical to use.

It is also used in foam fire-extinguishing systems. Drinking water, processed water, fresh water ponds, and seawater can be used to prepare the working solution.
The properties of the foam comply with the applicable national and European standards, are suitable for use in fire suppression systems meet the requirements of DSTU B EN 13565-2:2013.
It meets the requirements of DSTU 3789-98, ISO 7203-2, DSTU 7142:2009, DSTU 7143:2009, EN 1568-2.

Versatility: SINTO S6 can be used with different types of foaming equipment (aspiration generating foam of low, medium and high expansion).
Ecology and environmental protection: SINTO S6 is a biodegradable, non-toxic, stable anti-rust product.
SINTO S6 meets the requirements of the current sanitary legislation of Ukraine № 05.03.02-04 / 43896.

Physical and chemical properties:
pH value:7.05
Density at 20 °C: 1020 kg / cubic meter
Frost resistance: - 15 ° C
Surface tension: 23,0 mN / m

The properties of the foam according to DSTU 3789-98; ISO 7203-2, EN 1568-3
The type of expansion: Low Medium High
The induction rate: 6% 6% 4-6%
The expansion of foam: 9 130 800
Foam stability 25% water drainage, sec 480 - -
Foam stability 50% water drainage, sec - 1020 -

Supply: SINTO S6 is always available on the company's stock in the amount of at least 20 000 liters for rapid response to customer needs. The foaming agent is supplied in bulk in the tank, as well as plastic containers 1000, 200, 20 liters.

Shelf life: Guaranteed shelf life of a foaming agent SINTO S6 in their original packaging at warehouse storage conditions - not less than 10 years.

Application: SINTO S6 is recommended for use in rescue operations for the fire brigade to protect the oil tanks to surround extinguishing pump stations pumping oil high expansion foam, protection of underground garages, aircraft hangars, shops, factories, administrative and residential buildings and other facilities, where it is important to locate and extinguish the fire with minimal material losses preserving commodities from being destroyed water.

Maintenance: Periodic monitoring should be carried out only by accredited laboratories. The first periodic monitoring of the quality of the foaming agent, should take place 3 years from the date of manufacture, and then every year after that.


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