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Automatic Survivor Location Light

The automatic survivor location light is approved by RMRS, Wheelmark (Marine Equipment Directive 350710CS/001), corresponds to BS ISO 24408:2005 - MSC.81(70) and last specification of IMO/SOLAS (L.S.A), MED 96/98/EC. 

The automatic survivor location light is used for lifejacket and immersion suit and always available.

Auto flashing lifejacket light
The auto flashing lifejacket light turns on automatically on contact with water. It has three modes operating by button: glowing, flashing and switching off.
You always can check it by wetting studs and pressing the button. 
The auto flashing lifejacket light is disposable, clearly seen in all directions of the upper hemisphere. It provides an intense bright white light visible for up to 2 miles (under normal weather conditions) and has a lithium battery.

- Flashes per minute: 51-54, can be switch to an alarm SOS.
- Operating time of 8 hours.
- Weight: '28
- Dimensions: 44x43x31 mm.
- Operating temperature: -30 Cº / 65 Cº.

- Reliable and simple device;
- Installed on all types of lifejackets, SCC;
- Tiny, compact, occupies a minimum of space;
- Waterproof, resistant to corrosion and temperature changes;
- Easy fixing on the clip;
- Shelf life due to shelf-life of batteries - 5 years.


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