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Stop of Telescopic Type

The stop of telescopic type is used on marine and river vessels, fixing buildings on seas, rivers, lakes, reservoirs. The stop of telescopic type is designed for attaching collision mats which mounted on the hull damage, as well as to reinforce the manhole covers, manholes, bulkheads, watertight closures and other structures.

Marco Ltd. manufactures three types of stops, stops of the first type are made only under the order.

Lenght min/max (mm)
Working load (kN)
Mass (kg)
           Type 1           Type 2           Type 3
        1500/250       1000/1700         400/600
            30/20           15/10              30/30
            23,7              8,5                  7,0

The stop of telescopic type is made of steel and covered with alkyd paint.  The stop of telescopic type is manufactured in accordance with Rules for the Classification and Construction of Sea-going Ships RMRS part. III “Emergency Supply” / 1, Sec. 9, p. 2.


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