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The supply procedure meets international standards and is confirmed by the ISSA Quality system in respect of the ships supple, as well as ISO 9001-2008 with regard to the quality management system of the company.

Collaborating with our company provides you with a safe partner acknowledged by leading manufacturers of marine and firefighting products and recognized by International Association of Classification Societies.

Complex Ship Supply

We supply marine and river ships with wide range of goods and ship's equipment, its components, spare parts, marine stores etc. to the international standards.

Fire Protection

  Our company is a recognized supplier of subdivisions and enterprises of Fuel and Energy Ministry, Ministry of Infrastructure and State Service of Emergencyies.

Products TM "MARKO Ltd"
            Today, the company manufactures a wide range of specialized high quality products for the marine and fire-fighting purposes.
All products are accompanied by a certificate of quality and warranty.

Backlog of Dealer Agreements

Our company concludes long-term dealer and agency arrangements with the leading global manufacturers and suppliers of marine and firefighting products.
We can offer products from a warehouse in the required quantity and at a bargain price.


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