Quality & competence:
MARKO Ltd engineers were trained at the Viking service station in Denmark.

MARKO Ltd engineers were trained at the Viking service station in Denmark.

From August 30 to September 3, 2021 MARKO Ltd engineers completed an intensive course on the repair and certification of rescue equipment at the main service station Viking life-saving equipment in Eisberg, Denmark.


The course is aimed at acquiring comprehensive skills in operating Viking liferafts both in a certified service station and in an emergency at sea. The engineers spend half the day in the pool, practicing the basic rescue drills from a ship in distress first-hand. Participants jump into the water from a height of 3 meters in a hydrothermal suit and in an organized group are placed inside the life raft, waiting for the arrival of conventional rescue units or a helicopter. Directly in the pool, a storm is simulated and all the necessary conditions for full immersion in the atmosphere of an emergency. Thus, each participant acquires the necessary experience and skills for the highest quality provision of services for the repair and inspection of life rafts.


Upon completion of the course, each specialist is issued a certificate with a number. With the help of such a number, you can identify the specialist who was involved in the maintenance of a particular life raft.


Service Station MARKO Ltd in Odessa provides services for the survey and maintenance of emergency rescue equipment and is certified by the "Viking life-saving equipment" company.