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Emergency Supply

Emergency Supply

Items of emergency supply of the ship are used to restore the rigidness and watertightness of the hull, seal holes and cracks in case of accidents. Find out more about the standards of emergency supply for vessels of different types here.

Emergency supplies are subdivided into emefgancy equipment, goods and damage control instruments.
Emergency equipment includes:
- Plasters and their equipment;
- Lightweight diving outfit;
- Collision mats and patts;

Damage control instruments:
- A set of rigging tools;
- A set of locksmith tools;
- Axes, saws, shovels, crowbars, sledgehammers, buckets, etc.
- Extemsible metal spreaders;
- Emergency screw clamps;

Emergency goods:
- Emergency timber - pine bars, pine and birch wedges, various planks and plugs;
- Canvas;
- Industrial felt;
- Rubber plat;
- Tarred oakum;
- Low carbon wire;
- Construction brackets;
- Metalware, cement, sand, concrete accelerating agent, minium, technical fat;

Where are emergency tools and materials used?
Such a wide range of materials and tools is used on ships of almost all classes. For example, it is possible to repair damage or eliminate the water permeability of a ship's hull by concreting. To do this, it is necessary to make cement boxes and fix them with extensible metal spreaders in the required places.
Emergency bars and wedges can be used to attach plasters and wooden shields to holes. They are also used as stops to reinforce doors, manhole covers, bulkheads and platforms. Round holes and porthole openings can be sealed with emergency plugs.
Emergency equipment should only be used in case of accidents or securuty drills. All materials that were used are replenished at the ports of the route.

Where should the emergency equipment be located?
All emergency equipment should be located at two emergency posts (in separate rooms or in a special box), marked with blue paint with the inscription "Emergency supply". All elements of emergency equipment must be clearly located and separated so that any item can be reached quickly.