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Cargo nets
Cargo nets are used when loading and discharging of cargo (boxes, bags, bales, etc.) using cranes on ships and in port areas or for delivering goods to difficult areas in emergency situations. 

Material: manila or polypropylene rope 14 - 24 mm in diameter.

Cargo tie-down system
Cargo tie-down system include devices, tools, mechanisms that are repeatedly used for securing cargo units (containers, roll-trailers, automotive vehicles), as well as break-bulk cargoes on vessels.

Turnbuckles and Lashing bars
Turnbuckles are used to regulate tension of ropes, cables, connections of wooden and metal structures, etc. Turnbuckle consist of a body, two screws and two hooks/rings at both ends.

Hatch Sealing Tape
Hatchcover tape is used for sealing hatch covers of the ship holds, as well as gaps, cracks, joints. Self-adhesive waterproof tape consists of bitumen laye, modified by synthetic rubber substance and highly adhesive polymers in polyethylene tape and paper which is then removed when the tape is in use.
Supplied in rolls: width - 100 mm or 150 mm, length - 20 m, thickness of working layer - not less than 3 mm.Packed in boxes.
We offer 2 different types of tapes: HD (Heavy Duty) or SD (Standard Duty).

Rigging equipment

Looking for reliable and high-quality rigging equipment? Look no further than our wide selection of rigging gear.

  • Our collection includes:
  • Cargo nets;
  • Cargo tie-down systems;
  • Turnbuckles and lashing bars;
  • Hatch sealing tapes;
All that is designed to ensure the safe and secure transportation of your goods. Whether you're looking to secure heavy cargo or need specialized sealing solutions for your hatch, we have the rigging equipment you need. Our products are made from durable materials and are built to withstand even the toughest conditions.

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