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Dividers (Compasses) and Calipers
You can buy compasses and calipers on our website at reasonable prices:
  • Dividers (Compasses);
  • Vernier Calipers;
  • Digital Calipers;
Calipers and Indicators
Calipers and Indicators are represented by the following products:
  • Depth gauges;
  • Dynamometers;
  • Screw pitch gauges;
  • Magnetic stands;
  • Sensor-level floats;
  • LED power;
  • Measuring gauges for fuel level;
  • Feeler gauges;

Thermometers, micrometers
Here you will find thermometers and micrometers for any of your needs:

  • Special Thermometers;
  • Manometric thermometers ;
  • Digital thermometers;
  • Other.
  • Regulated dial gauge;
  • Outside micrometers;
  • Outside micrometers (with сounter);
  • Tubular type inside micrometers;
  • Gaging rod;
  • Inside micrometer with a bar;
  • Micrometer bracket assembly;
Rulers, levels, try squares
We offer a wide range of products for measuring, marking and leveling surfaces:

Rulers and Tape measures:
  • Laser tape;
  • Tape rules
  • Bench levels;
  • Laser Levels (auto leveling)
Try squares:
  • Flat try squares;
  • Laser try squares;
  • Universal measuring stand
Areometer/ Densitometer
An areometer has become widespread in many industries and is designed to measure the density of liquids. Specific gravity hydrometer is a hand-held measuring device for monitoring the density value. Density is directly related to the concentration of substances dissolved in the liquid.

Pressure indicators/ Manometers
Here you can buy manometers of different types and for different uses:
  • Pressure indicator;
  • Gauges/Vacuum gauges/Compound gauges;
  • Electronic handheld gauges;
  • Electronic pressure sensors;
  • Other gauges;

Metal/ Coatings layer thickness meters, flaw detectors (defectoscopes)
We offer different options for layer thickness meters and flaw detectors for purchase:
  • Coating thickness gauges;
  • Ultrasonic thickness indicators;
  • Flaw detector (defectoscope).
Klinger borosilicate gauge glass
Klinger glass (liquid level indicator) are made of special borosilicate glass or acryl and are used in steam boilers to determine the liquid level.

The reflex sight (gauge) glass can be used for media pressures up to 400 Bar included and temperatures up to 400°C. The advantages also include high clarity along the entire surface of the glass. It can be reflexive (grooved) with a convex viewing surface on one side and polished, with 6-8 moulded grooves, on the other.

Round Gauge Glass
Water-indicating tubes are designed for installation in taps of stop valves for liquid level indicators of crane, vent and valve cock type.

They are used in conditions that do not require high thermal stability (up to 120 °C), but withstand temperature drops of at least 100 °C. It can also withstand a pressure not exceeding 4 MPa (40 kgf/cm.sq.).

Made of glass or acryl.

Measuring tools

The website's section is dedicated to supplying measuring tools for vessels at sea. We provide a wide range of high-quality measuring tools which may be useful and necessary on voyages.

Our product selection includes dividers (compasses) and calipers for precise measurement of distances and dimensions, thermometers for monitoring temperature conditions, micrometers for measuring thicknesses with great accuracy, rulers, levels, and try squares for ensuring the accuracy of measurements, areometers/densitometers for measuring specific gravity or density of liquids, pressure indicators/manometers for measuring pressure of gases and liquids, Klinger borosilicate gauge glass for measuring the level of liquids in tanks and boilers, and flaw detectors (defectoscopes) for detecting defects or cracks in materials.

We offer only the highest quality measuring tools from reputable manufacturers. Our managers are available to assist and help you with any information regarding payment and shipping options.

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