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Fire-fighting equipment

Fire-fighting equipment

Fire on any vessel is one of the biggest threats to people on board, as well as to the survivability of the ship itself. Firefighting in confined spaces of a ship is no small task. Here are necessary not only useful skills and knowledge of the crew, but also first-class fire-fighting equipment and outfit. The products presented in this section are basic fire-fighting equipment that will allow you to successfully localize and extinguish fires in a vessel.
The quality of the supplied products is confirmed by certificates and complies with the requirements of the Maritime Register and the international SOLAS Convention.

We offer the widest range of fire-fighting outfit and equipment:
  • Fire extinguishing systems;
  • Fire motor-pumps;
  • Foam generators;
  • Powder, carbon dioxide and foam fire extinguishers;
  • Sand boxes, fire racks and stands;
  • Foaming /foam concentrates;
  • Connecting fittings and shut-off valves;
  • Fire hoses;
  • Firefighter's outfit'
  • Fire extinguishers maintenance equipment.
Causes of fires
Practically all types of ships of the sea and river fleet structurally are relatively small in area, closed premises, have limited space from cargo and other property. Such rooms usually contain various electrical and other equipment necessary for the reliable operation of the vessel. Typically, this arrangement contributes to the occurrence and rapid spread of fires. The most common reasons are power grid faults, welding. where any spark can have consequences, smoking in inappropriate places and simple human factor, when working with flammable substances. This is especially true for ships carrying flammable combustible substances.
Fire extinguishing methods
Firefighting must comply with previously approved plans and be carried out under the supervision of the captain. The first thing to do is to determine the source of the ignition and its size. Further, it is necessary to limit the area of ​​fire spread and exclude any possible explosion of substances or materials. After the fire is found and localized, it is necessary to extinguish it using the equipment and property necessary for this.

Combustion is a process where oxygen is used. It is impossible without oxygen, so first of all it is necessary to shut off the oxygen supply to the hearth, hermetically closing the premises and compartments. Then you can supply this room with carbon dioxide, which, falling (carbon dioxide is heavier than air), will prevent the flow of oxygen to the fire site. Foam fire extinguishers, which are used to extinguish flammable liquids, operate on a similar principle. Fire extinguishing systems and various types of fire extinguishers are far from the only means available for use on the ship: you can also use such fire-fighting equipment as felts, sand, asbestos blankets, etc.

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