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Red Handflare Mk8
Pains Wessex Red Handflare Mk8 is a short range distress signal, used to pinpoint location by day or night. Burns with a red flame for a minimum of 60 seconds at no less than 15000 candela. Conforms to SOLAS 74 as amended.
Para red rocket Mk8A
The Pains Wessex para red MK8A rocket is day or night long range distress signal, which ejects a red flare on a parachute at 300m (1000ft) and burns for 40 seconds at  no less than 30,000 candela.

Lifesmoke Mk9
Lifesmoke MK9 is used for effective position marking of a person at sea during rescue operations. It indicates wind direction, producing dense orange smoke for a minimum of 3 minutes. Conforms to SOLAS 74 as amended.
Lifebuoy marker Manoverboard MK9
Compact lifebuoy marker Manoverboard MK9 is used to indicate the position of a man overboard, producing dense orange smoke for 15 minutes. it has a self-activated LED lighting system, with a light output of at least 2 candela for at least 2 hours duration. Conforms to SOLAS 74 as amended.
Linethrower 250
A line-throwing appliance Linethrower 250 is used when a line is required to be passed accurately and quickly between vessels, ship-to-shore,  shore-to-ship or for rescue of swimmers in distress. It consists of line 250 m long, an integral striker mechanism and a rocket. Complies with SOLAS requirements.
Linethrower Rocket
Replacement Rocket for use in Linethower 250
Linethrower 250 Body and Line ONLY
Self-contained linethrowing appliance is a plastic launcher with 250 m length and 4 mm dia line.


Pyrotechnic and Marine Dissress Signals are mandatory to be included in the rescue kit of every vessel.
Working on the high seas is not always calm from unforeseen situations. The weather cannot be predicted one hundred per cent, therefore, unfortunately, sometimes emergency situations occur in which sailors have to fight for survival.

In cases where a person is overboard, it is necessary to indicate its position in the water. For this, ship pyrotechnics and other life-saving equipment are used.

To attract the attention of rescuers in different weather conditions, hand flares, parachute rockets, lifesmokes and other devices are used that cause light, smoke or sound effects when they burn.

On MARKO Ltd website of  you can see pyrotechnics and other visual signaling devices available for ordering. Each product is accompanied by the given detailed description and technical characteristics:
  • Hand flare;
  • Parachute rocket;
  • Lifesmoke;
  • Lifebuoy marker;
  • Linethrower;
  • Lifebuoy self-igniting light;
  • Reflective tape;
  • Position indicating light;