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Supply of liferafts and lifeboats
Emergency food ration
Ready-to-use individual emergency food ration is used to support the vital functions of the body in emergency situations. It contains only natural products without artificial preservatives. It weights 500 grams with an energy content of at least 10300 kJ. Shelf life is 5 years.
Emergency Drinking water
Emergency Drinking Water is sealed in watertight containers of 0.5 l. It satisfies international requirements for chemical and microbiological content and conforms to SOLAS. Expiration date is unconditionally 5 years.
SOLAS First aid kit
The SOLAS First Aid Kit can be used on liferafts, lifeboats, work boats, rescue boats, etc.

Supply of liferafts and lifeboats

The International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) requires that ships carry enough emergency lifesaving appliances, such as life rafts and lifeboats, to accommodate all people onboard in the event of an emergency. The number and type of emergency lifesaving appliances required, as well as their equipment, depends on several factors, including the size and type of the ship, the route it is operating on, and the number of passengers and crew members on board.

SOLAS also requires that emergency lifesaving appliances should be easily accessible, properly marked, and regularly inspected and maintained to ensure readiness for use in the event of an emergency. In addition, all crew members must be trained in its use.

Life raft and lifeboat equipment includes life support, signaling and operation of the raft or boat. They should be easily accessible, but not interfere with the abandonment of the ship.

SOLAS-74 Convention provide for three options for the supply the liferaft supply:
  • SOLAS A PACK - for vessels with unlimited navigation area;
  • SOLAS B PACK - for coastal vessels;
  • SOLAS C PACK - for ships sailing in sheltered waters;
The corresponding inscription is applied to the container in which the raft is packed.

For more information about each of the configuration options, see the section "Emergency supply of liferafts according to SOLAS".