Quality & competence:
Cylindrical Fender
Cylindrical fenders are used to absorb impacts and shocks resulting from the contact of the ship's hull with other objects like moorage walls or other vessels.
They are made of stiff EPDM rubber, with an internal center-axial through hole.
Cross-section D - shaped rubber fender
D-shaped rubber fenders have higher impact absorbing capacity in contrast to cylindrical fenders.
They are highly abbrasion-resistant.
Pneumatic mooring fender
The pneumatic mooring fender is designed to protect ships from dynamic shocks and bulkheads when mooring and anchored in the port or in the open sea with strong waves, as well as during transshipment operations. 

Fender protection

Fenders are devices used in the maritime industry to protect vessels from damage during docking or mooring. They are typically made of a durable material, such as rubber and are designed to absorb impact and prevent the vessel from colliding with the dock or other boats or vessels.

Marine rubber fenders is an essential equipment for any shipowner looking to safeguard their investment. They provide a vital layer of protection against collisions and impacts, preventing damage to both the vessel and any other objects it may come into contact with. Marine fenders can be of various shapes and sizes, including cylindrical, spherical, rectangular and flat fenders.