Quality & competence:
Plates and cups
You can order different plates and cups of various shapes, qualities and for different use cases. These products are perfect for marine use.

Tableware includes an extensive range of kitchen utensils and equipment that you will need in daily life on board. You can order any type of tableware in our company - from plastic baskets to coffee makers.
Bar utensils
We offer a wide range of professional bar equipment and ice instruments for marine use.

Here you will find whatever is required for quality workmanship and to meet the demands of passengers and crew. We offer you only high-quality products from the best manufacturers.
Serving Utensils
We offer a wide range of serving utensils. It can be used for table setting, for serving dishes and for convenience of service.

We provide a wide range of cutlery for use on vessels and ships of all types and purposes.

You can order stainless steel or plastic cutlery with plain and/or engraved handles.

Frying pans & сooking pots
Frying pans & сooking pots are perfect for preparing all main types of dishes. The cooking process also depends on the material of a particular pan or pot. Depending on preferences, you can use steel aluminum, teflon pans of different sizes and types.

We supply only quality products from the best manufacturers and save your time and effort.
It is impossible to imagine a modern kitchen without a knife - it is its most important tool! All knives are completely different: with an impressive layout, practical, multi purpose.

Here you will find knives of any shape and type.
Peelers and scalers
We offer a wide range of devices for skinning fruits, vegetables and seafood. Sharp blades in combination with a comfortable handle will help you do everything quickly and efficiently. The blades are made of stainless steel and stay sharp for a long time.
Kitchen utensils
Kitchen utensils turn any cooking process into a pleasant experience, even in the most challenging environment. You can order a wide variety of cooking outfit and kitchen wear on our website.

All products are made of high quality materials, have a modern style and a long service life.
Baker and pastry utensils
With a variety of baker and pastry utensils on his hands, an experienced chef can easily cook an exquisite dessert for passengers and crew on any type of vessel.
Storage containers
Food containers are made of polypropylene or stainless steel and are absolutely safe in contact with food. Used for transporting or storing ready-made or frozen foods. The containers are completely sealed due to the fixing lid with special handles.

You can order and buy food containers with delivery to any sea or river port of Ukraine.
Galley cleaning equipment
Relevant and time-bound cleaning of the galley has major importance for the health of the crew and passengers. Cleaning of an indoor galley should be carried out as often as possible and should involve all equipment, accessories and utensils.
Buckets and garbage bags
On our website you will find a wide range of buckets, containers and garbage cans.
Foils and roll papers
Foil, wax paper and wrapping films are great for cooking and baking. They protect products from external factors, do not let out flavors and smells and withstand temperature extremes well. Baking paper or foil can also help keep the dish clean after cooking.
Cooking machines and accessories
On modern ships, the galley is equipped with a variety of equipment of various shapes and purposes. The availability of such equipment and their proper operation will help to significantly simplify everyday routine of seafarers and, accordingly, increase their workforce productivity.
Rat trapps and fly swatters
Rat traps can be of sling type and cage type. Fly swatters have a handle and frame, which are made of plastic with a metal net. Lenth is 550 mm.

We supply it in accordance with the order. Check with the managers for all additional questions.

Galley supply

There is one place on the vessel the crew loves most of all - it is the galley. Without it, a single ship will not leave the port. Therefore, every galley must be equipped with everything necessary for long voyages.

Why they call it "Galley"?
Galley is a ship's kitchen or a place for preparing food. Usually this is a separate room, the space of which depends on the type and dimensions of the ship itself. The name "Galley" comes from the Dutch "kombuis" which means "kitchen" or "stove".

Requirements for galley
While on the ship, you should be aware of certain rules related to the galley. The main requirement is, first of all, compactability. Every centimeter of free space is taken into account. During a storm or swaying, tables are covered with a wet tablecloth to prevent the dishes from slipping or falling to the floor. The first courses are also not served, otherwise they will spill out. The tables have edges around the perimeter, which also prevent objects from falling off the table. Meal times are discussed in advance. In addition to being well equipped with various modern appliances, cutlery, inventory and equipment, a plate is an obligatory element for which special requirements are imposed.

The following ship galley equipment and kitchen utensils are presented on our website:
  • Plates, cups and tableware;
  • Bar utensils;
    Serving utensils;
  • Knives;
  • Kitchenware;
  • Baker and pastry utensils;
  • Galley cleaning equipment;
  • Cooking machines and accessories.
Remember, a good cook and well-fed sailors do their job better. There are no cafes and shops on the vessel, so you can't eat delicious food and buy whatever you want, get sidetracked and keep your mind off the work.

You can buy kitchen utensils and equipment for the galley on our website, after leaving a request. Our managers will contact you and advise on any questions you may have, as well as offer the best delivery option for you.