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Aluminium shore gangways
Aluminium shore gangway is a monolithic construction with reinforced frame that provides easy and safe transfer of crew and passengers from ship to shore/ from shore to ship.

Manufactured according to industry standard ISO 7061:1993. 

Gangway safety net
Gangway safety nets are hanged under ladders and gangways in order to ensure safe passage in the gangway.

You can buy gangway safety nets in given sizes or tailor-made.
Safety transfer basket
Transfer basket is used for ship to ship or ship to boat safe transfer of personnel during emergency situation or working activity.

Load capacity - 2.090 kg
MOB recovery system (Jason's cradle)
JASON'S CRADLE (MOB recovery system) is designed to lift people out of the water on board vessel or any other floating craft. 

You can buy JASON'S CRADLE in two sizes, which suit different freeboard heights:
  • 1 m freeboard
  • 2,5 m freeboard

Basket stretcher
The Basket Stretcher is a reliable tool designed to rapidly carry out first aid operations for injured.

Life-saving appliances

Life-saving appliances include a number of different devices and equipment that are used in emergency situations on water to rescue the crew and passengers of the vessel.

We manufacture and supply a wide range of devices and equipment for rescue, so on our website you can order and buy life-saving appliances at affordable prices in just a few clicks:
  • Aluminium shore gangways;
  • MOB recovery systems;
  • Safety transfer baskets;
  • Gangway safety nets;
  • Basket stretcher;
We provide only high-quality equipment and an individual approach to each client.