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Square-point shovel
Square-point shovel is an indispensable tool at the initial stages of a fire and is used to quickly extinguish a fire with bulk materials (for example, sand from a box). This kind of shovel is included in the fire stand/ shield set.

Round-point shovel
Round-point shovel is used in conditions when it is necessary to localize the flame at the initial stage. Unlike a square-point shovel, using a round-point shovel, you can both fill the fire center with bulk materials or use it to a limited extent to disassemble obstructing structures or debris.

Fire hook
Fire hook is a versatile tool for firefighters that is used to quickly disassemble or destroy objects and other obstacles, as well as for visual inspection of premises when looking for hotspots.
Salvage hook
Salvage hook is one of the tools that is included in a standard set of open or closed fire racks and stands. They are required, being one of the guarantees of human safety during any kind of activity.

Fire crowbar is an indispensable tool for a firefighter which helps to open doors, locks, etc. and provide access to the source of fire. It is a lightweight, simple and sturdy lever tool that can help out in the toughest conditions.

Fire axe
Fire axe is included in the set of the fire racks or stand and is always available in case of emergency. It is used when working with wood objects and structures in fire conditions, for their dismantling and separation.

Fire blanket
Fire blanket is used as an element of fighting with fires and hot spots (outbrake of fire). It is used to extinguish fires of class A, B, E. Cannot be used to extinguish fires of class C, D, F. This is a simple and easy-to-use material that is included in the complete set of fire stands and racks.
Fire-fighting bucket
Fire-fighting bucket, like other fire-extinguishing equipment, is included in the set of a fire rack or stand. With the help of fire bucket, you can quickly extinguish the fire source, using water.

Fire-extinguishing equipment

Fire-extinguishing equipment (hand-held non-mechanical tools) is placed on fire racks or fire-fighting equipment stands and is used to eliminate fires before firefighters arrive.

Fire racks or fire-fighting equipment stands are mounted at enterprises without an external/internal fire water lines, automatic fire-fighting systems, or at a distance of more than a hundred meters from water sources.

Fire tools and equipment may include the following items:
  • Square-point shovel;
  • Round-pointed shovel;
  • Fire hook;
  • Salvage hook;
  • Crowbar;
  • Axe;
  • Fire blanket;
  • Cone bucket.
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