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Portable Foam Applicator Unit
The portable foam applicator unit is used as effective additional or alternative means of firefighting.

Here you can buy portable foam applicator unit with the manufacturer's certificate of quality.
Low expansion foam generator PQZ8C
Portable Foam Applicator PQZ8.C is designed for generating air-mechanical foam of low expansion with enlarged jetting distance and extinguishing class "A" and "B" ("Class A" - solids; "Class B" - liquids). Conformes to SOLAS 1974/2000 and International Code for Fire Safety System.
Medium expansion foam generator of with shutoff valve
Foam generators of medium expansion are designed to create air-mechanical foam from an aqueous foaming agent solution.

You can purchase the following typical sizes of foam generators:
  • GPS-100P
  • GPS-200P
  • GPS-600P
  • GPS-600P/50
Foam extension pipe with hook horn
Foam extension pipe is designed to extinguish the fire of fuels and lubricants in the cargo tanks of oil tankers and chemical carriers.

Foam generators

Foam generators are an essential component of fire suppression systems. They create a foam solution that can extinguish fires by smothering the fire and preventing it from spreading. The foam is made by mixing water and a foam concentrate, which is then expelled through a nozzle to create the foam.

Foam generators can be used in various industries, including aviation, marine, petrochemical, and industrial plants. They can be installed as part of a fixed fire suppression system, or they can be portable units.

Low-expansion foam generators are used in fire suppression systems to create a foam solution with a low expansion ratio, typically between 6:1 to 8:1. This type of foam is best suited for small fires, such as those found in electrical cabinets, engine compartments, or small fuel spills. Low-expansion foam concentrates are also ideal for use in areas where foam discharge height is limited, such as underground storage tanks.

Middle-expansion foam generators are used to create a foam solution with a medium expansion ratio, between 20:1 to 100:1. This type of foam is well-suited for fighting Class A fires in fuel storage tanks or buildings, and Class B fires in flammable liquid spills.

High-expansion foam generators are used to create a foam solution with a high expansion ratio, at a level from 200:1 to 1000:1. It is used to fight large-scale fires, such as those found in aircraft hangars, storage tanks, and industrial premices. Can be used in firefighting of overhead tanks and vessels.

The choice of foam generators depends on the type of fire and the environment in which it occurs. Different types of foam generators provide different levels of expansion and are used in different fire suppression scenarios to effectively extinguish fires and prevent their spread.