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Portable Foam Applicator Unit
The portable foam applicator unit is used as effective additional or alternative means of firefighting.

Here you can buy portable foam applicator unit with RMRS Certificate and manufacturer's certificate of quality.
Low expansion foam generator PQZ8C
Portable Foam Applicator PQZ8.C is designed for generating air-mechanical foam of low expansion with enlarged jetting distance and extinguishing class "A" and "B" ("Class A" - solids; "Class B" - liquids). Conformes to SOLAS 1974/2000 and International Code for Fire Safety System.
Medium expansion foam generator of with shutoff valve
Foam generators of medium expansion are designed to create air-mechanical foam from an aqueous foaming agent solution.

You can purchase the following typical sizes of foam generators:
  • GPS-100P
  • GPS-200P
  • GPS-600P
  • GPS-600P/50
Foam extension pipe with hook horn
Foam extension pipe is designed to extinguish the fire of fuels and lubricants in the cargo tanks of oil tankers and chemical carriers.

Foam generators