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Foam concentrates SINTO S6, AFFF 106 and MARKO 3F 3% - a national product of a new generation

Foam concentrates SINTO S6, AFFF 106 and MARKO 3F 3% - a national product of a new generation

Foam is one of the most effective and versatile fire extinguishing agents, and in some cases it is simply irreplaceable. In recent decades, a large number of types and brands of foam concentrates based on both natural and synthetic materials have been developed in the world, and the conditions for their most effective use have been determined. All necessary regulatory documents, that regulate the technical requirements and methods for testing foam concentrates have also been written. In addition, there are a number of national and regional regulations that establish requirements for foam fire extinguishing systems and their components.

In Ukraine, regulatory documents have also been developed, which made it possible to introduce advanced European experience in the field of fire protection using fire extinguishing foam concentrates. The convergence of the national regulatory framework with the European one has facilitated the development of foam concentrates conforming European standards, as well as the requirements of DSTU B EN 13565-2:2013.

As a result of research carried out jointly with leading experts in the field of foam firefighting, a number of foam concentrates have been developed, which allows us to meet the needs for the protection of any objects in accordance with the requirements of the mentioned standard.

These include:
  • SINTO S6;
  • AFFF 106;
  • MARKO 3F;

SINTO S6 is a foam concentrates based on synthetic hydrocarbon surfactants, designed primarily for extinguishing water-insoluble combustible liquids and solid combustible materials with medium and high expansion foam;

SINTO S6 being very economic in its use is purposed to fight Class A and В (B1) fires employing both fresh and sea waters with regular firefighting equipment and using low, medium and high expansion foam. It is fully biodegradable, non-toxic, corrosion preventing and preserves tangible assets from destruction by water.

SINTO S6 is used in foam fire extinguishing systems with various types of equipment (aspiration, forming low, medium and high expansion foam).

Foam characteristics comply with current national and EU standards: DSTU 3789-98; ISO 7203-2, (DSTU 7142:2009; DSTU 7143:2009) DSTU B EN 13565-2:2013; (EN 1568-2). Complies with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine on health protection No. 05.03.02-04/43896.

AFFF 106 is a synthetic, aqueous film-forming fluorine-containing foam concentrate, which is designed for time-saving and extensive firefighting of water-soluble liquids, solid material fires by medium and -low-expansion foam. Great for extinguishing class A and B fires of any complexity.

The AFFF-106 foam concentrate is recommended by its technical characteristics for use in rescue operations at territories, exposed to a high risk of fire hazard, such as: airports, oil platforms, petroleum storage tanks, etc., where property restoration is of paramount importance.

Extinguishing time: 2-3 times faster than conventional foam concentrates at the same intensity. This provides a huge advantage in terms of saving fire fighting equipment, reducing fire damage and cost of eliminating the consequences of fires.

Complies with the requirements of DSTU 7144:2009 "Fire Safety", sections 4-10; IMO Res. MSC./Circ 1312/Corr. 1, Circ 798.

MARKO 3F 3% is a multipurpose synthetic firefighting fluorine free foam concentrate that is specifically designed to extinguish hydrocarbons and polar liquids. MARKO 3F foam concentrate provides an extremely high degree of safety, long shelf life and eco-friendly environmental characteristics. Ensures great foaming properties and can be used as a foam concentrate of low and medium expansion. It is certified as fire extinguishing agent for class A + B fires and complies with EN 1568 - 3.

It’s a well-known fact, that the efficiency of foam fire extinguishing systems largely depends on the design and correct installation of their components, as well as the accuracy of maintaining operating parameters (pressure, flow, water quality and temperature, concentration of the working solution, etc.). In addition, the multiplicity and fire-extinguishing efficiency of the foam depend on the design of the foam generator barrels. In this regard, in addition to foam concentrates, we offer appropriate fire-fighting equipment and are ready to solve all issues related to ensuring the efficiency of foam fire extinguishing systems.