Quality & competence:
Furniture and fittings
Range and rates of supply of furniture and fittings depend on the number of crew and passengers and differ based on the amount of equipment installed and operating conditions.

You can order the necessary goods in accordance with the list, stated below or according to your order.
Workwear is as important on the ship as any other apparel or equipment. The number of clothing, its characteristics and types depend on the size of the crew, the passenger capacity of the vessel, its type and navigation area and are determined by the standards for the equipment of sea-going ships, according to IMO.

Textile goods
Textiles are widely used on ships all over the world and serve not only as an important decorative element in the design of cabins and various premises but also used in the production of bed linen, bedspreads, tablecloths, etc. Textiles are used to make kitchen towels, curtains, draperies and tablecloths.

Bathroom-and-lavatory equipment
A bathroom consists of many details and organizing all elements, installing the necessary equipment is an important process on any vessel. It is not only bathroom equipment, but also various accessories. They complement the style of the interior, create a special atmosphere and add coziness.

It is worth considering in advance the location of all elements for the most comfortable use. Here you can buy the necessary bathroom equipment that will satisfy all your needs. Toilet equipment is represented by a wide range of products.
Climate control equipment
We can help you solve temperature control problems with simple, proven solutions. Do your work without being distracted by household needs and the hassle of choosing the necessary climate equipment. Leave this difficult choice to our specialists!

Also, we deliver equipment to the customer. All the necessary questions can be clarified with the managers of the company when forming an order.

Book the delivery of items to any port of Ukraine in a short time or take it away from our office/warehouse.
Laundry Equipment
We offer everything you need to organize and operate laundry on any type of vessel.

Also, we deliver equipment to the customer. All the necessary questions can be clarified with the managers of the company when forming an order.
Marine ventilation fans
Marine ventilation fans are used in residential, staff areas, industrial premises or other facilities and are used to circulate air in ventilation, air heating and air conditioning systems.

Installed on both sea and river type vessels. Explosion-proof versions are available. 
Household Appliances
Household appliances are irreplaceable helpers that save a lot of time. A wide range of products presented on our website will allow you to choose the right product in terms of technical characteristics, power, colors and other characteristics.
We provide you with a developed online consultation system and prompt delivery. All goods are certified and come with an official manufacturer's warranty.

You are welcome to ask any questions. Hope to hear from you soon!
Computer hardware
Computer components such as processors, motherboards, hard drives, etc. are essential components and indispensable helpers in any endeavor. Here you can buy the necessary components from world-known manufacturers for solving the most complex problems. Our experts will help you choose truly high-quality and necessary components for any PC at an affordable price. Also, you can order delivery or take away goods from the warehouse. In case you need to clarify any deltals or order delivery, our managers will help and advise you on any issues.
TV and audio equipment and accessories
TV and audio equipment is an integral part of almost every living space. This is not only one of the sources of information but also a great way to escape from daily struggles and dig into the world of pleasant sounds from high-quality equipment. In modern technology, the image becomes more and more realistic, the screen diagonals grow, and the sound takes you straight to the concert of your favorite musicians.

Before choosing a TV, audio equipment, or various accessories, pay attention to the size of the room, and then select the optimal diagonal of the TV screen and the size of the music system. Then, focus on the design, try to fit it perfectly into the interior.

Book the delivery of items to any port of Ukraine in a short time or take it away from our office/warehouse.

Printers, scanners, consumables
High-quality office equipment is the key to quality work.

Here you will find a wide selection of printers, cartridges, paper and consumables. We ensure the supply of only the best technology and accessories.
Stationery, despite all the technological progress, still remains and will remain in demand in any kind of activity. A variety of office supplies such as pens, staplers, folders, writing accessories are needed not only for processing business data, but also for organizing all documents. This is especially true for the fleet and any other maritime companies. You can buy stationery and find the proper inventory for your employees on our website. This will save you time and effort. Our managers will help you choose the most necessary items and ensure fast delivery to your destination. We offer the widest range of products from well-known brands. Our managers will help you choose the most necessary items and ensure fast delivery to your destination.
Stencil Letter and Figure Sets
Adjustable stencils for letters and figures are made in standard sizes. Manufacturing material: brass, aluminium and stainless steel.
Seals, Stamps
On our website, you will find a large selection of quality stamp products at reasonable prices. We value your time, so order processing will take the shortest possible time. 

Our specialists will give you an advice on all your questions.
Disinfectant and hygiene products
Hygiene products are designed to help us to take care of our own bodies and save time and effort. We have a wide range of hygiene and cosmetic products for every need. Feel comfortable every day!

Our managers will advise you for any and all purposes. We make delivery to any port of Ukraine.
Detergents and cleaners
Household chemicals are used to clean and disinfect any surfaces on a galley or in the cabins of the crew and passengers. For example, it helps to clean drain pipes with powerful gels with granules that effectively dissolve a variety of dense objects, including hair, food particles, etc. Special concentrates, shampoos and aerosols remove even strong odors.

You can order delivery to any port of Ukraine in a short time or take it away from our office.

Agents for washing
Washing machines make it much easier and significantly reduce time for washing. In fact, they are indispensable helpers in everyday life. However, the cleanliness and durability of clothes highly depends on the detergents used. Unfortunately, there is no universal detergent, that's why household chemicals today are represented by a wide range of products for different types of fabrics, colored or white clothes, for manual or automatic washing, etc. And they are all used to one degree or another.

Book the delivery of items to any port of Ukraine in a short time or or take it away from our office/warehouse.

Disinfectants and antiseptic solutions
Food and other contaminants that remain on the surface of tables, utensils, cupboards, etc., are trouble spots for the growth of microorganisms. Cleaning with disinfectants and antiseptic solutions removes up to 90% of microorganisms from the surface. A good hygienic condition can only be achieved by thoroughly cleaning all surfaces and equipment. The health of all people on board depends on this. Also, we carry out on-time delivery. You can clarify all questions with the managers of the company when placing an order.
Cleaning equipment
Cleaning of various premises is necessary everywhere and always. Comfort of stay, health and general hygiene is highly dependent on timely cleaning. This is so much the more important amidst a vessel or yacht. Here you can choose and buy all kinds of devices that will help you quickly and efficiently put order and cleanliness in the cabin or room.

Find out the actual availability in stock, warranty period and service from our managers. Also, you can order delivery, or take away items from our office/warehouse.
On our website, there are a wide range of light bulbs - from incandescent and LED lamps to reflector or sealed beam lamps.

Below you will find: energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps, LED lamps, as well as specialized ones, such as germicidal, grow lamps, pilot lamps, mercury lamps, etc.
Accessories for antennas
Here you can buy antenna accessories for good reception of the required signal even in the most difficult conditions.

Cabin Stores

The comfort of being on board and the life of the crew and passengers is crucially important, independant of the vessel itself. It is especially important for passenger vessels. In the cabin supply section, you will find the widest range of day-to-day use products: from fabrics and linen, to computers and accessories. On request, we offer products, equipment, inventory and hardware of different colors, sizes and purposes and deliver according to your order and in the required amount.

Depending on the number of crew and passengers, cabins and berths, public and utility rooms on the sea-going ships, equipment standards of cabin outfit are determined, which are the minimum required according to the recommendations of the sanitary authorities. For passenger ships without berths, bedclothes shall not be supplied, and the rates of supply are determined depending on the equipment of the premises.

We supply all necessary items for cabins and crew. We have huge experience of working with our partners throughout the world, being able to carry out deliveries in the shortest possible time and at affordable prices.

You can order the following:
  • Furniture and fittings (beds, wardrobes, tables, chairs, armchairs, sofas)
  • Workwear for crew and passengers (shoes, gloves, suits and work clothes, jackets, underwear, jackets and trousers)
  • Bathroom-and-lavatory equipment (toothbrushe holders, shelves, dispensers for liquid soap, soap dishes, paper holders, hangers, brushes, towel holders)
  • PC accessories (hard drives, cases, audio and video cards, processors, motherboards, monitors, cables, adapters, mouse and keyboards, etc.)
  • Household appliances and TV-audio equipment (irons, hair dryers, vacuum cleaners, TVs, stereos, radio tape recorders, radios, home theaters)
  • Climate control equipment (water heaters, humidifiers, dehumidifiers and air fresheners, air conditioners, oil and light heaters, fans)
  • Laundry equipment (washing and drying machines, ironing equipment)
  • Bedding, textile goods (mattresses, pillows, pillowcases, sheets, blankets, bedspreads, kitchen towels, terry dressing gowns, roller blinds, tablecloths)
  • Detergents and cleaners (detergents, laundry detergents, bleaches, fabric softeners, laundry detergents)
  • Stationery and consumables (stationery, consumables, seals, stamps, adjustable stencils for letters and numbers)
Our managers will help you find exactly what you need. Contact us, we are working for you!