Quality & competence:
Pressure Fire Hose, type (T) with valves
Pressure fire hose is used on mobile fire-fighting equipment to deliver fire-fighting substances (water and water/foam mixture) for a distance under pressur. It can withstand even excessive pressure.

Complies with SOLAS requirements.
Pressure fire hose, type (K) with valves
The pressure fire hose is designed for transporting fire-extinguishing substances and mixtures under excessive pressure to the source of fire.

Complies with SOLAS requirements.
Pressure Fire Hose, latex covered with fittings
Pressure Fire Hose with latex covering is supplied in donut roll 20 m (+/- 0,5 m) lenth, tailor-made with fire-fitting or hand fire nozzles, according to the order. 

Complies with SOLAS requirements.
The sheeting of pressure fire hoses
The sheeting of pressure fire hose is made of capron filament with inner waterproofing layer of flexible polymer, according to DSTU 3810-98 and ТU17.5-30642323-001:2005. 

You can buy the following sheeting diameters: 51 mm, 66 mm, 77 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm. 
Rigid, Pressure-Suction fire hoses
Rigid, pressure-suction fire hoses are used for quick extraction or for pumping water. 

A specialized rubber-fabric material with metal frame spirals inside is used for structural rigidity. 

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