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Petroleum, oil and lubricants
Technical fluids and lubricants
For the reliable functioning of all units and assemblies on the vessel, it is important to have different technical fluids and lubricants. They are used to reduce friction and heat generation of contacting surfaces, to protect against various aggressive environments or processes, etc.
Anti-seize greases
Anti-Seize Greases are used to protect metal parts from rust, corrosion, abrasion, adhesion. Made on the basis of various composites.
Lubricants for engines, сompressors
We offer a wide range of lubricants for engines, compressors, as well as various specialty oils for any machinery. We always have the right product for all your needs.

Petroleum, oil and lubricants

Petrolium products and lubricants are used on vessels to obtain heat energy and lubricate parts of mechanisms. Lubricants are classified into liquid lubricating oils and greases. They are obtained, as a rule, from diesel oil and fuel oils. Lubricants are characterized by viscosity, density, flash point, etc. Liquid lubricating oils, in accordance with the requirements, are divided into diesel, compressor, etc. Stability of their operation and anticorrosive properties are provided by various additives. Greases (thick ointments) are divided into low-, medium- and refractory. These include technical petroleum jelly, solid oil, constalin.

The main directions of increasing the efficiency of the use of fuels and lubricants are to reduce the cost of their production, improve the quality and reduce the types used on the ship.

We offer for delivery a wide range of fuels and lubricants for marine and industrial use. Our experts will select products in accordance with the purpose, DSTU, DIN, physical and chemical properties and other parameters. Products are sold from the warehouse and on order in various original containers or as agreed with the customer.