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Sea is an integral part of a sailor's life. This is his job, his way of life for a certain period of time, but it is also fraught with danger. Often ships face zero points in storms or other extreme situations, lose their buoyancy and pose a threat to people on board. In order to avoid human losses, liferafts have been used for quite a long period of time, along with other means of rescue. They are designed to save the lives of the ship's crew in any emergency.

On our website you can find liferafts with a capacity of 6 to 35 people, depending on the type and purpose:
  1. Throw overboard liferafts;
  2. Davit launchable liferafts;
  3. Liferafts for yachts;
Additional accessories for liferafts
  • Racks, ramps and cradles of various designs;
  • Emergency food ration;
  • Emergency drinking water;
  • First aid kit;
Design elements of rafts
Liferafts are manufactured to maintain consistently high performance in all conditions and even in strong seas. They must be designed for long-term operating conditions and, according to SOLAS Convention, each liferaft must withstand 30 days being afloat and have everything necessary for this: a double awning, rainwater collection devices, a lifeline, viewing windows, etc. Insulated buoyancy chamber compartments, struts and bottoms ensure the reliability of the rafts to perform its primary purpose - to save lives.

As for the type, liferafts can be throw overboard or davit launchable liferafts, and as for the design they are subdivided into inflatable and rigid ones.

Liferafts are manufactured and tested in accordance with the LSA code requirements and approved by the Maritime Register of Shipping.

What are the Equipment packs of liferafts?
  • SOLAS A Pack - used on ships of an unlimited navigation area;
  • SOLAS B Pack - used on passenger ships engaged on short international voyages;
  • SOLAS C Pack - a package designed for coastal vessels that are not engaged on international voyages.
To buy life rafts, just leave a request on our website. Our managers will contact you and advise on any questions you may have, as well as offer the best delivery option for you.