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Air and water hoses
We offer to buy the following types of hoses to choose from:
  • Corrugated air duct hose for ventilation, smoke extraction, for climate control
  • Water hose for pure water delivery. Blue flat hose, white inside. Ecologically harmless
  • Hose for water and air delivery, for household needs
  • Hose for pressure air supply and water with chemicals
  • Armored hose for water and air purification;
  • Vacuum hose for household and industrial vacuum cleaners;
  • Hose for drinking water supply;
  • Flat drain hose;
  • Hose for deck washing;
  • Low pressure hose for hot water supply, radiators, antifreezes, emulsions;
  • Hose for food supply (alcohol, beer, wine, milk);

Saturated steam supply hoses
The saturated steam supply hoses are specially designed for temperatures up to 280 °C (406 °F). They have armouring and reinforced fabric lapping. Used in industry, processing plants, etc. for steam and hot water. They are actively used in steam pumps and other equipment for cleaning,frost removal, cleaning from oil products.

They can be of both low and high pressure.

On our website you can choose and buy hoses for water and steam with a guarantee and at affordable prices!
Oil and fuel delivery hoses
Fuel and oil hoses are used for transferring petroleum products and can withstand the aggressive actions of oils, lubricants, various fuels and other petroleum-based fluids.
Hose pipes and thermoplastic hoses for chemicals
Chemicals are generally corrosive in nature, therefore hoses for their transportation must be highly resistant to corrosive medium. You can order and buy the hose you need at a favorable cost on our website.

Industrial hoses

An industrial hose is a flexible tube designed to transport different types of fluids or gases in industrial settings. Such hoses are made from various materials such as rubber, PVC, polyurethane, and others. Industrial hoses come in different sizes, lengths, and types, each designed for specific applications.

Industrial hoses are commonly used in:
  • Manufacturing;
  • Construction;
  • Agriculture;
  • Mining;
  • Oil and gas industries.
Hoses are used to transport liquids, chemicals, petroleum, air, steam, gases, solid materials such as grains, sand, and pellets and other substances.

Types of industrial hoses include:

  • Air Hose: These hoses are designed for high-pressure applications and are used to transport compressed air.
  • Chemical Hose: Used to transport different types of chemicals such as acids, alkalis, and other corrosive substances.
  • Petroleum Hose: These hoses serve to transport oil, gasoline, and other petroleum-based products.
  • Water Hose: Fits to transport water and other liquids.
  • Steam Hose: Is applied to transport high-pressure steam.
  • Food and Beverage Hose: Designed to transport food and beverage products such as milk, wine, and beer.
  • Vacuum Hose: Used for suction and discharge applications such as removing liquids, powders, and gases.
We offer for delivery a wide range of hoses and connections for various purposes, which are widely used on a ship for specialized equipment and everyday needs. Check with our specialists for performance characteristics, marking and delivery time. All products comply with the SOLAS requirements.