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NRC-25 – Rescue boat davit

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NRC-25 – Rescue boat davit - 1
NRC-25 – Rescue boat davit
NRC-25 – Rescue boat davit provides safe and efficient launching and retrieval of a Viking Norsafe rescue bo... More
NRC-25 – Rescue boat davit provides safe and efficient launching and retrieval of a Viking Norsafe rescue boats and liferafts. It ensures long time operation in a tough marine environment. Conforms to latest SOLAS/IMO requirements.
Product code:1510109100
Manf. code:NRC-25
Price:Up for discussion
The davit system has a hydraulically driven, mechanical slewing jib and an electric driven winch with single wire fall. Slewing and dead ship slewing functions are driven by a small hydraulic power pack. The hydraulic system is equipped with a stored power unit - which allows full operation of the davit in “dead ship” conditions.

The davit ensure optimal performance, it is safe and reliable, and needs minimal maintenance levels. The equipment generates minimal noise and provides good access for service and repair. A remote control for start/stop and for hoisting and slewing is embeded. A safety valve is installed in the hydraulic power unit. It protects the davit from excess loads and protects the system and motor from being overloaded. Stored power from accumulator and gravity lowering system in winch provides safe launching in dead ship conditions. The winch is fitted with a one-way clutch. The centrifugal brake will be automatically activated if the power is lost during hoisting, so the davit motion will stop. The brake controls the speed of descent for the lifeboat.

Conforms to the latest IMO/SOLAS requirements, LSA Code and European Council Directive 2014/90/EU on Marine Equipment (MED).

The system will allow:
  1. Hoisting and lowering of the fully loaded rescue boat up to 20° list and 10° trim;
  2. Gravity lowering of the fully loaded boat up to 20° list and 10° trim, completely independent of any power supply;
  3. Hoisting of the loaded rescue boat by electric motor;
  4. Dead ship slewing of the rescue boat by the nitrogen accumulator installed on the davit arm;
  5. Retrieval of the rescue boat by manual hoisting;
  6. Manual slewing by hand pump;

  • Davit system weight incl. winch (dry weight) - 2300 kg (approx.);
  • Safe working load - 2500 kg (max. 4.5 m slewing radius);
  • Trim/list conditions - 10°/20°;
  • Max. lowering height - 40 m (including 10°/20° trim/list condition);
  • Operation temperature - from -20°C to +45°C;
  • Min. hoisting speed - 18m/min;
  • Min. lowering speed - not less than that obtained from the formula S=0.4+(0.02H) and not exceed 1.3 m/s;
  • Manual hoisting - by manual hand-cranking;
  • Pivot bearing type - slewing bearings;
  • Wire sheaves - galvanized, equipped with ball bearings;
  • Installation - one deck welding point (reduced installation time);
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