Quality & competence:
Grinding wheels
Grinding wheels are excellent for the initial rough metal works. Grinding wheels can be used to sharpen knives, axes, scissors, or some steel works.
Tubular fittings
Tubular fittings:
  • Steel/Brass screwed tubular fittings for pipes;
  • Cast iron tubular fittings;
  • Heat-shrink tubing/Thermal contraction tube;
  • Lock nut;
  • Tube retainers;
  • Pipe clamps/Fasteners for pipe;
Compression fittings:
  • Reducer (HDPE)
  • Elbow bend (HDPE)
  • Connector
  • Separable joint
  • Connection nut
  • Tee joints (HDPE/brass/stainless steel)
  • Pipe offset (elbow)
  • Head plug
  • Pipe cross (brass)
Pipe offsets and reducers:
  • Elbows (Pipe offsets), Reducers, Couplings steel/brass;
  • Stamped tees;
  • Welded tees;
  • Concentric radius reducers;
  • Welding reducers;
Smoke detectors and wiring accessories
Wiring accessories, switches and various electric relays include all the necessary devices, fixtures and materials designed for the correct and safe operation of all electrical elements and wiring.

Smoke detectors, as a safety element, are used to detect smoke in the room and immediately warn about the first signs of fire. The devices are equipped with special built-in sirens that work autonomously.

We have collected only high-quality, reliable and safe electrical equipment.
Acrylic sheets (plexiglass)
Acrylic sheet, or as it is also called plexiglass, has good transparency, UV and weather resistance, can have different use cases and long service life.

Standard size, m: 1 x 2
Asbestos-free сarton and paronite (IZOLIT)
Asbestos-free cardboard can be used in high temperature gaskets or heating systems for fire protection.

Soundproof and heat-insulating cords
The heat-insulating cord is made of basalt wool in a glass fiber mesh braid (glass roving). In the thermal insulation cord, thin basalt fiber (mineral wool) is used as a filler. Scope of application - thermal insulation of structures of a complex profile. Such a cord does not burn, emits no toxic substances and is an explosion-proof material.
Heat-insulating slabs
Rigid heat-insulating slabs are made on the basis of super-thin basalt fiber in an aluminum foil lining. It is used for insulation of boilers, turbines, tanks, heat exchangers, fireproof thermal and sound insulation of objects, etc.

The service life is over 50 years.

The slabs do not absorb moisture from the air and can be coated with a water repellent solution for water repellency. The slabs are environmentally friendly, resistant to decay and chemical exposure
Basalt heat-insulating cardboard
Basalt heat-insulating cardboard (ТК-1-5; ТК-1-10; ТК-4-6) is made of basalt ultra-thin fiber with bentonite clay acting as a binding agent. it is used to insulate various equipment, turbines, boilers, etc. Cardboard is able to withstand very high temperatures, up to +700 °C.

Teflon (PTFE) and rubber products
Polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon) goods:
  • Teflon sheets;
  • Teflon seal tape (PTFE tapes);
  • Teflon cord;
  • Teflon templates (O-rings, seals);
Rubber products:
  • Sealing tape;
  • Sealing cord;
  • O-rings;
  • Corrugated rubber mat;
  • Rubber sheet;
  • Antiskid mats;
Izolock packing is made of high purity PTFE fiber and impregnated with PTFE suspension. It has flexibility and elasticity, high chemical resistance and low coefficient of friction. This packing is widely used in many types of industries and industrial valves.

Graphite packing is used in a variety of connections for pumps, fittings, valves, and stems. This material is resistant to cracking, caused by temperature fluctuations and is reliable at high temperatures. Allows to keep parts and mechanisms from wear for a longer time.
Filters and filtering materials
The given materials are used to keep foreign solid particles from getting inside rubbing parts, mechanisms, engines, fuel pumps and other components. The size of such solid particles does not exceed 10-20 microns. Particularly dangerous are quartz particles, which are harder than steel and cause rapid wear of rubbing surfaces and distortion of their geometric shape.
Abrasive grinding wheels
Wheels are often used for polishing metals, stone, plastic, wood, etc.
Cables and wires
The operation of many devices and appliances is largely based on the use of various cables and wires. Without cables or wires, it is difficult to imagine the correct operation of any ship's systems and equipment.

Wear parts

The following wear parts are available on our website:

Grinding wheels
They are used in various industries, such as manufacturing, construction, and automotive, for shaping and finishing metals and other materials. In the maritime industry, grinding wheels are used for surface preparation, rust removal, and polishing of ship parts.

Tubular fittings
Are also known as tube fittings and can used to connect tubes and pipes in various industries, including oil and gas and chemical. These fittings are commonly used in marine engineering and shipbuilding for piping systems, hydraulic systems, and fuel systems.

Acrylic sheets
These are lightweight and durable plastic sheets which are often applied in construction and automotive. In the maritime industry, acrylic sheets are used for windows, skylights, and other transparent surfaces that require high impact resistance and UV stability.

Soundproof and heat-insulating cords and slabs
Used to reduce noise and heat transfer in machinery, vehicles, and buildings. In the maritime industry, soundproof and heat-insulating materials are used for engine rooms, cabins, and other areas where noise and heat are prevalent.

Teflon (PTFE) and rubber products
Teflon is known to have high adhesion properties, and acts as a good dielectric, while rubber is known for its flexibility and durability. In the maritime industry, Teflon and rubber products are used for seals, gaskets, hoses, and other applications that require resistance to saltwater, UV rays, and harsh environments.

Filters and filtering materials
Used to remove impurities and contaminants from liquids and gases in various industries, including chemical and pharmaceutical. In the maritime industry, filters are used for ballast water treatment, fuel filtration, and water purification systems.

Cables and wires
These items are involved in transmitting electrical signals and power in various industries, such as automotive, telecommunications, etc, while in the maritime industry, cables and wires are used for communication systems, navigation systems, and power distribution.

If you did not find the items you need in the list on the website, ask our managers about the possibility of ordering and delivering it. Call the specified phone number or leave a request on the website.