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Fire fighter's equipment and outfit
Self-contained breathing apparatus Sigma Type 2
The Sigma 2 Type 2 an open circuit, self-contained, compressed air breathing apparatus is specifically designed as a marine/industrial firefighting SCBA, and is also suitable for providing respiratory protection in IDLH environment.

Self-contained breathing apparatus RHZK 6/30
Approved for use as a self-contained breathing apparatus with compressed air in the gear of firefighters. Protects the respiratory organs, skin, and eyes from exposure to chemicals or poisonous and harmful air.

Emergency escape breathing apparatus ELSA 15B
ELSA 15B is an emergency escape breathing apparatus (EEBD), which is used for rapid escape from hazardous environments, both in industrial premises and marine objects. It is simple and quick in operation and ensures maximum protection. MED approved.

Emergency escape breathing device (EEBD) TH15B
Compressed air emergency escape breathing device (EEBD) TH15B is a self protection breathing device which is used to quickly and safely escape from dangerous fire places and premises engulfed in flames. MED approved.
Emergency escape breathing apparatus Ocenco M-20.2
Emergency escape breathing apparatus Ocenco M-20.2 provides up to 32 minutes of air supply and is used to escape from hazardous environments. The time of compressed oxygen supply depends on activity level of the user. SOLAS/MED, USCG approved.

Cylinder (steel), 6 liter, 300 bar
CYL-1640 is 6 liter cylinder made of steel for 300 bar pressure with nickel plated brass cylinder valve. It is tough and very durable.

Gallet F1 XF Fire Helmet
Gallet F1 XF fire helmet ensures an ultimate thermal protection and maximum air circulation in all operating conditions.

Firefighter's hood
Firefighter's hood provides additional protection in cold and wet weather. Indispensable when working in cold spaces. It is easily removed from the helmet for washing/drying.
3S Full-face helmet mask
Full-face protective mask is used to protect the respiratory system from the ingress of gas, dust, aerosol substances, etc. It can be put on and off without removing your helmet.

Protective clothing for fire-fighters
Protective clothing for fire-fighters protects from high temperature, open fires, heat radiation, water and acids during reconnaissance, resque operations and primarily during firefighting.

You can buy protective clothing of the following categories:
  • I category;
  • II category;
  • III category;
Produced in accordance with to EN 469: 2005 + A1: 2006 + AC: 2006 standard, EU Directive 96/98. It is certifiied in accordance to MED standard, which is obligatory for all types of vessels.
Fiereman's Safety Boots
Depending on use environment and challenges, the following dielectric and fiereman's safety boots are available:
  • Fiereman's safety boots;
  • Leather heat resistant boots;
  • Dielectric fiereman's safety boots;
Insulated wire cutters
Insulated wire cutters is a hand-held insulating tool designed for cutting cables and wires.
Fireman's Safety Belt
Fireman's safely belt is designed for saving people from fires, as a fall arrestor when working on fire staircases and also for wearing fire hatchet in holster. Available in three sizes.
Fireman's snap hook
Fireman's snap-hook is intended to act as a fall arrestor when working at heights, for rescuing people and self-rescuing of firefighters from high-level floors. It is supplied in different design styles.
Explosion-proof flashlights
Explosion-proof flashlights are used in explosive environments with flammable gases or combustible dusts. Structural elements do not cause sparks on contact when turning on the lamp.

Fire Axe, waist Belt Type
Fire axe with a holster is designed for breaking down doors, windows, roofs, various light structures of buildings. It also can be used as a hooking tool on steep roof slopes, or when opening fire hydrants.
Fire Axe with elongated handle
Fire Axe with elongated handle (70 or 90 cm) is used for breaking down various constructions and other physically demanding works.
Fireman's Gloves
Fireman's Gloves are designed to protect hands from exposure to open flame, heat flux, water, surfactants, lubricants, and other dangerous and harmful factors.
Dielectric gloves
Dielectric gloves are designed to protect against electric shock.
Safety line
Stainless steel safety line is a rope twisted from high-alloy steel wire, designed to rescue people, self-rescue and acts as a safety harness for firefighters and related emergency rescue operations.
Capron lifeline
Capron lifeline is designed for rescuing people and shifting of cargo during fires and other natural disasters.
Chemical protective suit for firefighters
Non-airtightness-type chemical protective suit HYFH-C1 is used to protect fire fighting personnel from harmful chemicals and corrosive substances in a fire or accident.

Fire fighter's equipment and outfit

Firefighting is always dangerous to the health and life of firefighters - it’s one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. High temperatures, low visibility, smoke and confined spaces are far from being a complete list of obstickles to overcome. This job requires the very best equipment to tackle the toughest challenges.

Here you will find all the necessary Fire fighter's equipment and outfit for the most unfavorable emergency situations:
  • Arm, feet and head protections, respiratory protection equipment;
  • Overalls/workwear;
  • Safety footwear and more;
Firefighter's protective clothing allows you to comfortably endure various temperature, mechanical and other negative influences when extinguishing complex fires. Such clothing includes a jacket, overalls, or trousers. Suitable for use at temperatures from -40 to +40 and is supplied with retroreflective tapes.

Hand protection includes gaiters or firefighter gloves that protect the wrists and hands from the harmful effects of high temperatures or harmful substances. Gloves and gaiters have several layers for better protection and are tightly fixed on the hand for ease of wearing during work.

Leg protection is also critical to working in difficult conditions. Special footwear greatly facilitates work and serves as good protection against temperature, mechanical, chemical and other factors. All shoes should be small, the last should be comfortable for running and other physical activities.
Leg protection includes:
  1. Heat-resistant protective boots;
  2. Heat-resistant leather boots;
  3. Dielectric bots.
Firefighter's equipment set consists of a belt, a carbine and an ax. The carbine acts as a means of insurance. Using an ax, you can clear rubble, open doors, windows and other wooden objects. The ax is stored in a special box and attached to the firefighter's belt.