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Anty-piracy equipment
Anti-piracy razor wire
The razor wire is used for outer boundary fencing on ship’s deck to defend ships. 
Night vision binocular
Night vision equipment is used on sea-going vessels for monitoring in the night time and to identify pirate attacks at night.
Military dummy
A military dummy simulates the presence of armed guards on board, which forces pirates not to attack the vessel.
Satellite phone
Satellite phones are often used as additional communication equipment in maritime industry.
Clothes for working with razor wire
Special reinforced overalls includes gloves, aprons, oversleeves, leggings, etc.
Bulletproof equipment
Bulletproof equipment include protective helmets and bulletproof vest.

Anty-piracy equipment

Sea piracy has existed for more than a dozen years and at all stages of its development represented an immediate danger for all participants in international shipping: from shipwreckers to ordinary sailors. Modern pirates do not attack just for fun or for small profit on the first ship they come across. Often, these are well-organized raider seizures of specific ships in order to seize valuable cargo and hostages. This is preceded by special training: the choice of weapons, the collection of information about the cargo of the ship, the course to follow, the crew, etc.

How and when do pirates attack?
In terms of tactics, pirates do not invent complicated methods and prefer the same time-tested solutions. The list of pirate victims is mainly consists of tankers, dry-cargo ships and bulk goods carriers - slow-moving vessels with expensive cargo on board. The attack takes place at dusk or dawn, for greater stealth. The pirates attack on high-speed boats, gun fireing at the ship's bridge in order to prevent defensive maneuvers and possible resistance from the crew.

How to resist pirates?
Our product catalog contains anti-piracy equipment for protecting the crew and fighting pirates:
  • Anti-piracy razor wire;
  • Night vision binoculars;
  • Military dummy;
  • Satellite phone;
  • Clothes for working with razor wire;
  • Bulletproof vest;
  • Bulletproof helmet.