Quality & competence:
Linear moulded rubber strip
Linear moulded rubber strip is made of high quality EPDM rubber. Most often used for sealing cargo hatch closures. It is a linear profile made of cellular rubber, reinforced on three sides with a shell made of hard rubber (High consistancy rubber). Available in rolls. Rubber based on EPDM (Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer rubber) is elastic, resistant to abrasion, UV radiation, oxygen and temperature fluctuations from -50°C to + 120°C.

Angle and end pieces
Angle and end types of the sealing profile are used as additional to linear ones and, in combination, allow for maximum surface adhesion. Corner and end profiles protect surfaces from damage from sharp edges and provide additional sealing for doors, covers and hatches. Angle joint is sealed and firmly fixed by vulcanization.
Oil-resistant Seals
Nitrile butadiene rubber is a multipurpose and commonly used material in the manufacturing of seals. Oil-resistant NBR seals are highly resistant to swilling against benzene, oils and fats and work at high temperatures. This type of rubber is the least sensitive to the aliphatic range of hydrocarbon oils and flammable substances (propane, butane, gasoline, mineral oils).

Sealing rubber