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Aerator Control Center

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Aerator Control Center - 1
Aerator Control Center - 1
Aerator Control Center
Automatic control panel for existing vessel aeration systems.
Product code:2510101100
Price:Up for discussion
There is a timer on the panel that regulates the operation of the aerator - the time it is turned on / off. Control rocker switch has 3 modes of operation. The panel is easy to mount and connect to existing aeration systems.

Special features:
  • Pro Timer Plus Adjustable Livewell Timer with Switch
  • Material: Aluminum anodized plate, Black laser engraving wording;
  • Automatically turns livewell pump ON and OFF for desired circulation and aeration;
  • Includes 3 position control rocker switch for OFF, Timed, or Constant run operation;
  • Work modes:
  1. Push ON: Constant run
  2. Push OFF: Pump off
  3. Push Timer: Runs pump for 30 seconds, with pauses adjustable from 2 seconds to 5 minutes
  • 12 V, 10 Amp;
  • For use with any livewell recirculation pump;
  • Automatic operation increase fishing time;
  • "3M" Self-adhesive backing for easy installation;
  • Protection class rating: IP65;
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