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Deck equipment and lashing

Deck equipment and lashing

Deck equipment of sea-going ships includes mechanisms and auxiliaries that are located or fixed on the deck. Without such equipment and various lashing, the operation of any vessel becomes impossible.

We supply all the equipment you need:
- Mounts;
- Cargo tie-down systems;
- Synthetic, steel and natural fibre ropes;
- Cargo nets;
- Fender protection;
- Hatch sealing tapes;
- Sealing rubber;
- Anchor chains;
- Shakles, links;
- And much more;

On our website you will find various options for fender protection. The products are manufactured by Marko Ltd in accordance with the regulated technical requirements and operating conditions.

Hatch sealing tape is widely used to seal both the hetches and various joints, crevices, cracks or joints.

Turnbuckles and lashing bars are used to regulate the tension of cables, ropes, connections of wooden and metal structures, and more.

We supply from stock and according to the order a wide selection of marine sealing rubber of various shapes and types.

Polypropylene and polyamide synthetic ropes of various diameters and designs are widely used in shipping (mooring, towing), fishing. You can buy ropes on our website at an affordable price. You can choose a wide range of diameters to choose from for various loads and applications.

Here you can buy anchor chains, shakles, links and other accessories. All products come with a Classification Society Certificate and a Certificate of Origin.

Our managers will contact you and advise on any questions you may have, as well as offer the best delivery option for you.