Quality & competence:
Fire extinguishers maintenance equipment
Nitrogen filling system
The SFA Nitrogen filling system is used to fill fire extinguishers of any type with nytrogen. A safety valve eliminates overfilling. The filling process can be checked via the filling pressure gauge. 

Complies with EN ISO 12100-1, EN ISO 12100-2.
Powder suction machine MINI Basic
A fire extinguisher is one of the first means of fire-fighting in case of emergency.

Portable powder suction machine MINI Basic is used for refilling fire extinguishers from 1-12 kg with multiple types of extinguishing powder. It allows to carry out suction and charge of the powder by mechanical switching of special mechanism.
Powder suction machine Junior

The JUNIOR powder suction machine is extremely small and suitable for mobile use. Though it is equipped with a high-powered industrial motor it can be easily transported or installed in a service vehicle.

It includes 2 filling adapters for all commercially available fire extinguishers, electrical reversing operation and high quality and long-life motor.

SK-50 set for charging powder fire extinguishers
The SK-50 set is used to charge powder stations 25 - 50 kg.
The sucked-in powder is poured into the station hopper. SK-50 is equipped with a sieve that holds foreign contaminants in the powder.
CFA Basic сarbon dioxide mobile filling system
The CFA BASIC is a versatile carbon dioxide filling unit for all CO2 cylinders from 2-30 kg.
CFA Mobil сarbon dioxide mobile filling system
The CFA MOBIL is a versatile carbon dioxide filling system with modular design.
CFA 1 сarbon dioxide stationary filling system
CFA 1 is very compact and flexible сarbon dioxide filling system, which is used to fill small and medium-sized CO2 containers.
CFA 2 сarbon dioxide stationary filling system
CFA 2 сarbon dioxide stationary filling system can be used with all types of internal CO2 cartridges, CO2 fire extinguishers from 2 to 6 kg and external CO2 bottles.
The cylinder drying device
The cylinder drying device BTG is used to dry steel or aluminium compressed gas cylinders with hot air after hydrotesting.

Complies with DSTU 4297-2004, app A, p.A.2, s/n 3.4, as well as EN ISO 12100-1, EN ISO 12100-2, EN 60204.

Stationary clamp for cramping cylinders
It is used to assembly, disassembly and repair of all types of cylinders from 2 to 12 liters. It can be used for troubleshooting of compressed air cylinders of various types and manufacturers.
Rotary clamp for cramping cylinders
The clamp securely fixes the cylinder in the required position from 0 - 360 ° to prepare the refilling process. Clamps can be of various designs.
Pressure compressor for powder fire extinguishers
The compressor is designed to create pressure in powder fire extinguishers when they are recharged. Develops pressure up to 20 atm.
Hydraulic pressure testing mashine SGIB 2-80
Hydraulic pressure testing mashine SGIB 2-80 is designed for hydraulic testing of vessels that work under pressure with a capacity of 2 to 80 liters. Manufactured in accordance with DSTU 4297-2004, appendix A, clause A.2, clause 7.
Hydrotesting system HTG 60 (Hydrotester)
Hydrotester HTG 60 is used for hydraulic testing of fire extinguisher cylinders with pressure up to 60 bar.

Hydrotesting system HTG 500/60 (Hydrotester)
Hydrotesting system HTG 500/60 is used to test compressed gas cylinders with various test pressures.

Hydrotesting system HTG 500 (Hydrotester)
Hydrotesting system HTG 500 is designed for hydrostatic testing of steel or aluminum cylinder bodies of breathing apparatus and fire extinguishers with a maximum pressure of up to 450 bar.
Cabinet for painting and drying of cylinders
The cabinet for painting and drying pressure vessel bodies is a necessary technological equipment for fire extinguisher maintenance points (PTO). We guarantee quality materials, reliability and durability!

Manufactured in accordance with DSTU 4297-2004, Appendix A, clause A.2, clause 4.5.

Lock-start gear diagnostic device
The lock-start gear diagnostic device is used to verify the functionality and leak test of all types of fire extinguishers lock-start gears: carbon dioxide, powder, foam.
It meets the requirements of DSTU 4297-2004, Appendix A, p.A.2, p / n 9.
Stand for internal cleaning of pressure vessel
Stand SVOB 1-12 MK is used for cleaning the internal cavities of pressure vessels.
Meets the requirements of DSTU 4297-2004, Appendix A, clause A.2, clause 3.

Fire extinguishers maintenance equipment

Maintenance of fire extinguishers is necessary to keep them in working condition during their service life.

Our company supplies and manufactures a full range of equipment for stationary fire extinguisher maintenance points, in accordance with DSTU 4297-2004 appendix "A", p.12.

The equipment manufactured by MARKO Ltd is a tailor made development of our company's specialists, it is supplied with a manufacturer's quality certificate, a passport, manufacturing schemes and technological instructions.

Equipment supplied includes the following:
  • Pressure compressors for powder fire extinguishers;
  • Hydrotesting systems;
  • Powder and carbon dioxide filling stations;
  • Nitrogen filling systems;
  • Cabinets for painting and drying of cylinders;
  • Lock-start gear diagnostic devices;
  • Stands for cleaning of pressure vessels;
  • Cylinder drying devices;
  • Stationary and rotary clamps for cramping cylinders;
  • Work benches;