Quality & competence:
Liferaft for yachting 4-8 Persons
Self-righting liferaft VIKING RescYou™ Pro for 4-8 pers. is the perfect choice for all types of yachting. It features generous space and headroom and inflatable double floor, which reduces the risk of hypothermia. It is certified with ISO9650-1 Group and approved by ISAF and DNV.
Coastal liferaft for yachting, 6 persons
The liferaft VIKING RescYou™ Coastal fits six persons and is used for coastal cruising, inland sailing and sport fishing. It covers all basic needs in coastal rescue situations. It is ISO 9650-2 certified and third party approved by DNV.
Ocean liferaft for yachting, 4-8 persons
VIKING RescYou™ ­Ocean yachting liferaft for 4-8 persons is ideal for ocean cruising, short international voyages and sport fishing on the open sea. The liferaft offers perfect hypothermia protection, two canopy openings and cross ventilation inside. It is ISO9650-1 Group A certified, ISAF approved and third party verified by DNV.

Liferafts for yachts

Yachting liferafts are used on yachts or vessels that not exceed 30 m in length, which are not subject to the requirements of LSA Code. In the production of these rafts, the same high-quality materials and technological processes are used as in liferafts for cargo and passenger vessels. Liferafts for yachts are the best choice for all types of sailing, cruising on the open sea, as well as coastal and inland cruises near rescue stations.
Available in fiberglass containers or special cases.

This type of liferaft is certified according to ISO9650-1 Group A, ISAF approved and also verified by the independent classification society DNV.

Key features:
  • Fluorescent yellow color makes the raft more visible from long distances;
  • Ballast bags for better stability in the storm;
  • 2 separate entry holes;
  • Internal and external lifeline