Quality & competence:
Quick-setting cement
Quick-setting cement is used to repair hull damages for more reliable watertight works after applying the patch.
Natural sand
Buy dried, sifted, natural sea sand supplied in packaging according to the order.
Emergency timber
Emergency timber is used with other emergency materials to cover damages, water leakages and small hull breaches. At our warehouse you can buy the following emergewncy timber:
  • Emergency Bar
  • Emergency Plank
  • Pine wedge
  • Emergency pine plugs
Concrete accelerating agent (Liquid glass)
Liquid glass, which shortens the time and facilitates the fastest setting of concrete.
Supplied as a ready-made mixture in a weather-resistant packing.
Industrial lubricant (Technical fat)
Industrial lubricant (Technical fat) is used for impregnation and anti-corrosion treatment of various metal surfaces. 
Canvas (tough) is a heavy dense cotton fabric made of thick yarn. 

Supplied in m², according to your order.
Industrial felt
Felt is a dense nonwoven textile material made of matted wool. Supplied in m², according to your order.
Rubber Plat
Sheet rubber is used to caulk fixed joints and supplied in m², according to your order.
Tarred oakum
Oakum is a flax fiber impregnated with tarred-bituminous joint filler. The product meets the requirements of GOST 168183-77
Low-carbon wire
Low-carbon wire is used for tying fittings and various cargoes, packaging, production of nails, nets, etc.
We offer metalware for different needs and application areas. You can buy bolts, screws, nuts, washers, clamps, etc.

Emergency goods

Emergency goods are actively used along with emergency tools for various repair work on vessels.

Emergency timber (emergency bars, planks and wedges) can be used for the manufacture of collision mats, timber forms or mats, for sealing faults, cracks, or breaches in the ship's hull. Rubber, canvas, tarred oakum and various metal products (nails, nuts, bolts, screws, etc.) are used to tighten up emergency mats and pats.

In this section you will find:
  1. Quick-setting cement;
  2. Natural sand;
  3. Emergency timber;
  4. Concrete accelerating agent (Liquid glass);
  5. Minium;
  6. Industrial lubricant (Technical fat);
  7. Canvas;
  8. Industrial felt;
  9. Rubber plat;
  10. Tarred oakum;
  11. Low-carbon wire;
  12. Metalware.
You can buy emergency goods on our website after leaving a request. Our managers will contact you and answer all your questions. We will also suggest the best shipping option for you.