Quality & competence:
Set of fitter's tools
A universal set of tools for professional use and a wide range of assemblage and repair works on various equipment and devices.
Set of rigging tools
The rigging tool is used for displacement of heavy objects and freight, as well as loading and discharging of cargo.
Extensible metal spreader
Extensible metal spreaders are made of steel, painted, lubricated, have a high margin of strenth and are used on sea and river vessels and on offshore instalations

Ordering details: 
Extensible Metal Spreader 
Emergency screw clamp
You can buy emergency screw clamps of Type I for bulbous frame from warehouse in Odessa, produced by MARKO Ltd.
Measuring hand line
Measuring hand line produced by MARKO Ltd is used to measure depth from a vessel. It consists of a reel, a plummet and a polypropylene rope with depth marks. The depth is easily determined by the orange-colored tags with markings sewn into the hand line every 5 m.
Components kit for rigging equipment
In today's world, the mighty necessity of hauling goods from one spot to another has become ingrained in our very existence. To hoist hefty loads, fasten them securely, and keep them safe, we rely on different components of rigging equipment. Rigging is important, especially when it comes to works where safety and precious cargo are on the line. Without rigging it is impossible to handle bulky goods.

Damage control instruments

Damage control instrument on any vessel is used for various work to eliminate the consequences of accidents or accidental damage to the ship's hull, for example, when planting mats on a hull breach.

Damage control instrument includes the following different sets of tools (locksmith or rigging), also
  1. Set of fitter's tools;
  2. Set of rigging tools;
  3. Emergency screw clamp;
  4. Extensible Metal Spreader;
  5. Measuring hand line.
You can buy damage control instruments on our website, after leaving a request. Our managers will contact you and advise on any questions you may have, as well as offer the best delivery option for you.