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Tackle and winches are used for a wide variety of lifting, pulling and tensioning applications. It suits for lifting or lowering loads in manufacturing and assembly spaces, during repair works with engines like removing or mounting an engine, rigging and moving loads, as well as a wide range of other areas of operation.
Crowbars, Chisels, Files, Cutters
Locksmith tools include a large category of goods for working on metal or wood. Introduction of automated machines and mechanisms has not affected the use of hand tools, which allow you to do a lot of work yourself.
Hammers and handles for hammers
The hammer is a percussion hand tool that has a huge number of manufacturing options. Hammers are used in repair and construction or industrial activities for hammering or removing fasteners, destruction or deformation of any structure.

Structurally, hammers differ in the following parameters:
  1. Manufacturing material, shape and weight of the striker
  2. Handle material
  3. Type of execution (hammers can be monolithic or with a separate handle)

The handle can be made of fiberglass. Handles from fiberglass have reduced recoil, high strength and resistance to various aggressive environments.

Pipe cutters and benders, bolt-cutting Instrument
Various works on the ship by some means are associated with the installation of pipes, with different diameters and materials from which they are made. Pipe cutters and pipe benders are necessary to ensure a perfectly even cut and to obtain the required lengths.
Screwdrivers and Nozzle and drive sockets
Each screwdriver with nozzles has an interchangable head (bit) that is inserted into the bit driver. There are flexible nozzles that are used for working in hard-to-reach areas. The design of screwdrivers provides for both an elongated and a shortened rod, a T-shaped handle, a ratchet (ratchet) mechanism, etc. The end head is a working nozzle that provides maximum contact with fasteners and is used in locksmith work when repairing cars or various equipment.
Carpenter's plane, bodkins, rivets
Bodkins are used in manufacturing of gaskets and seals from rubber and leather. It is a tool for making holes in soft materials.

The сarpenter's plane is used for woodworking or treatment of wood products. It is an indispensable working tool for carpenters and wood finishers.

A rivet is a fastener made in the form of a round rod with a locking head. In the process of riveting, a closing (landing) head is formed. Such a connection is very difficult or rather impossible to disconnect or break.
Saws, knives, scraping tools
Our catalog contains the most popular saws and hacksaws for wood: ordinary (classic), butt (thin, for an accurate cut), with different types of handles.

The scraping tool is a miniature scraper with a handle and a sharp cutting blade and is used to scrape the surface of the material (wood) when adjusting miniature parts or to remove thin layers of wood. The sposkeshave is widely used for ship modeling.
Wrenches and sets
Wrenches are special tools used to work with various fasteners such as bolts, nuts, pipe connections. They are indispensable for construction, repair, installation and other types of work.

A conventional wrench is a metal tool with a handle and an end piece. Such an end piece, in its inner part, has the same shape as the fastener in order to effectively fasten the various connecting elements together.
Vices and Clamps
Vices and clamps are essential tools for a wide range of applications. With its help, you can fix the workpiece and process it with a rat-file, milling cutter, plane, drill, or another tool. Vices and clamps have different areas of application, design features and differ in the way they work. You can buy vices and clamps to perform all the necessary work.
Electric Tools
By using various electrical tools such as drills, grinding or polishing machines, you simplify the process of treating all kinds of surfaces, save yout time and efforts. This allows you to quickly and efficiently perform complex operations.
Pneumatic hand tool
Pneumatic hand tools are commonly used in construction and many other industries and perform a wide variety of different tasks. Pneumatic tools are highly reliable and efficient in exploiting all the possibilities of compressed air.
There are a huge number of different types of drills. All of them are distinguished by the type of drill shank (cylindrical, triangular, tetrahedral and hex), purpose (for glass, metal, wood, ceramics, all-purpose) and types of cutting surfaces (spiral and screw, stepped, etc.).
A reamer is used to create and grind more accurate hole sizes with less surface roughness than conventional drilling. Reamers can either be machine or manual. The shape of the machining hole is cylindrical and conical. The number of teeth of each reamer ranges from 6 to 16 and they are distributed unevenly around the circumference.
Thread-cutting tool
Modern locksmith work is almost impossible without the use of a thread-cutting tool. Threads are the most efficient and easiest way to connect or disconnect parts. The good thing about the thread is that it does not hold the items together completely, but allows you to dismantle them if necessary.

You can buy the following screw-cutting tool, as well as various sets on our website at attractive prices:
  • Screw taps;
  • Tommy Bars;
  • Sets of Taps and Dies;
  • Set of Taps;
  • Set of Dies;

Chucks and accessories
Clamping chucks are used for fixing parts on the centerline of spindle. Thanks to the clamping chucks, there is a reliable fixation and an increase in the clamping force at high torque, so the detail part does not break off and maintains the correct position during operation.
Transformers and fuses
An electrical transformer is used to change the voltage in an AC network.

Fuses are used to ensure the operation of valuable electrical equipment and to protect the power grid from excessive loads and overheating.


Hand and electric tools are essential for maintenance and repair tasks on vessels at sea. The tools used onboard vary depending on the specific needs of the ship and the equipment being worked on. Some commonly used hand tools on ships include crowbars, hammers, pipe cutters and benders, bolt-cutting instruments, saws, knives.

Electric tools such as drills, screwdrivers, grinding/polishers machines, grinding/sharpening machines are also used frequently for tasks that require more power and precision. These tools are powered by electricity from the ship's generators or from portable battery packs.

In addition to traditional hand and electric tools, there are specialized pneumatic tools. These include pneumatic wrenches and screwdrivers, pipe cutters, and pneumatic hammers. These tools are designed to withstand the harsh marine environment and the unique challenges of working on a ship.

Proper maintenance and use of these tools are critical to ensure the safety of the crew and the vessel. Regular inspection and calibration of the tools are necessary to maintain their effectiveness and reliability.

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