Quality & competence:
AFFF 106 film-forming foam concentrate
AFFF 106 is a synthetic, aqueous film-forming fluorine-containing foam concentrate, which is used to fight non-polar hydrocarbon and solvent fires, solid material fires, plastics, recyclables by means of medium and -low-expansion foam. Guaranteed shelf life is 10 years.
Proportioning rate - 6%
Frost-resistant: 0 °C/-15 °C
Synthetic foam concentrate SINTO S6
SINTO S6 is the best general purpose synthetic foam concentrate for volumetric fire-fighting with solid water retention. It is designed to extinguish fires of class A and B (B1). Preserves material assets from destruction by water! It can be used with various types of foaming equipment (aspiration, generating low-, medium- and high-expansion foam).

Synthetic fluorine free foam concentrate Marko 3F
Marko 3F 3% is a multipurpose synthetic firefighting fluorine free foam concentrate that is specifically designed for hydrocarbon and polar liquid fire-fighting. Marko 3F foam concentrate provides an extremely high degree of safety, long shelf life and eco-friendly environmental characteristics. Marko 3F ensures great foaming properties and can be used as low and medium expansion foam.

It is certified as fire extinguishing agent for class A + B fires and complies with EN 1568 - 3.

Foam concentrates

Synthetic foam concentrates are used to extinguish fires on ships of the sea and river fleet using fresh and sea water. Perfect for fires of class "A" and "B" with subclasses "A1", "A2", "B1" - extinguishing liquid or solid substances and materials such as oils and oil products, wood, coal, plastics, recyclable materials, etc. Foam expansion rate of the concentrate can be low, medium and high with a solution concentration of 4-6%.

Foam concentrate produces a large volume of foam by passing through the foam generator and mixing with water. The main purpose - is to prevent the access of oxygen to the combustion product.

From our warehouse you can order AFFF 106, Marko 3F and Sinto S6 foam concentrates, produced by Marko Ltd from synthetic raw materials according to European technology.

All foam concentrates are suitable for use in fire extinguishing systems that meet the requirements of DSTU B EN 13565-2: 2013, are certified by UkrSEPRO and comply with European standards. Foam concentrates AFFF 106, Marko 3F and Sinto S6 are approved by the classification societies Bureau Veritas and the Shipping Register of Ukraine for use in foam fire extinguishing systems on vessels of sea and river fleet.

  • Freezing temperature - from 0°C to 20°C;
  • Container - barrels of 200 liters;
  • The guaranteed shelf life is at least 36 months.