Quality & competence:

Engine stores

We offer to supply a wide range of materials and tools for use in the engine room of the ship and other works. Our expertise and knowledge help you to get the necessary equipment and spare parts at the most competitive price.

Here you will find:
- Fuels and lubricants for marine and industrial use;
- Impact, cutting, sharpening tools;
- Hoists/ winches;
- Hand Tools;
- Electric tools ;
- Pneumatic tools;
- Keys and sets;
- Measuring tools;
- Rolled aluminum and steel;
- Reflection glasses and water-indicating tubes;
- Pipe blanks and fittings;
- Heat and sound insulation materials;
- Welding Equipment and accessories
- Cables and wires;
- Transformers and fuses;
- Sleeves;

Our experts will select the products you need in accordance with the purpose. Products are delivered from the warehouse and on order by agreement with the customer.